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  • Namco Cyberlead Project

    Hey Guys

    Just starting out in this gig. been reading this forum for ideas and stuff but this is my first project and first decent post.

    thought id start out with a bit of history so you know where im coming from.

    ive always been a big fighter fan ever since street fighter 2 came out in arcades so many years ago, i remember as a kid going to cowes in phillip island and going to this milkbar/fish and chip place and seeing this game called street fighter 2, it was just the plain jane first SF2, there would be about 6 or 7 people huddled around it waiting for their turn me and my brother included. and when it was our turn we totally sucked, but so did everybody else. this stuff just blew my mind and from there on i was hooked, gaming was now my thing! so ive been a huge gamer ever since ive owned a Snes countless pc's a playstation 1+2, N64, 2 xboxs and a 360. but something was missing the grandaddy of them all my very own ARCADE CAB!

    ive been following this Emulation thing on and off for about 10 years, but only in the last 12mths been thinking and researching arcade cabs and such. i even bought an x-arcade stick try and bring my self closer to the good old arcade vibe, but it only made me more hungry for a cab.

    i was originally looking at building a full upright based on one of the gameroom designs. but that quickly changed, my friends ended up getting me a voucher for highway entertainment for an engagement present (and my fiance got a day spa voucher) where low and behold a banged up Namco cyberlead Candy was waiting for me and only 125 bucks. it doesnt have a monitor but most of the electronics are still in place except for the jamma to jvs board, which i found they are selling seperately for $150
    it was perfect for me to start on and i sure as hell couldn't build one for the same price. so ive researched my ass of and now ive got my own cab to start with.

    so it arrived on Wednesday

    All wrapped up

    here it is naked

    the worst damage is on this corner and th other side is just a small hole and crack

    im looking at cleaning it up using what ever i can from the original like speakers and stuff, repairing bits that i can does anyone have much experience in fixing the plastic any tips would be really helpful

    also the cab is pretty dirty and the white plastic gone a bit yellow which i know is normal, does anyone have any ideas on things to use for clean up, like bleach or something for the external panels

    so there you have it,as ive said before im new to this but bloody excited please feel free to throw your ideas and tips at me for this project.

    I'm gonna keep posting updates when they occur so everyone can see my progress and i can throw some ideas out to the community
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    For the yellowing, you have 2 choices:

    1 - paint
    2 - try to chemically reverse the yellowing this is a relatively new and experimental process...



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      I read about that one. It was a x staff members that left it. .. I looked at that one to..

      good pick up. Will keep an eye on it to see what it will become.
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        for the yellowing, try a product called "Autosol" we just had to do this on an old Westinghouse fridge, same symptoms, worked awesome.
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          does any one know how i might be able to get my hands on a 2 player panel i've been looking every where the only ones i can find are for astro's which fit but i'm not looking at paying $300 for one

          been looking at blank panels thinks thats my best bet but are all very far overseas i've sent some enquiries just waiting to hear back.

          does anyone know of any place that sells these more locally


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            Zax's or Highway might sell them?


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              hi just an update
              i've been having heaps of trouble trying to source a 2 player control panel,

              i was going to go down the route of making one out of mdf which was going to be tricky but do-able.

              luckily i found one on yahoo auctions japan, had to buy it through a proxy but its a original cyberlead 2 player with joys and a jamma harness, for even cheaper than buying a empty new panel

              will have to wait a little while unfortunately its some big holiday in japan at the moment but when it arrives i'll post some pictures.

              still going to get some new joys and buttons, i'll probably use the old ones for a panel for my mates birthdays...


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                it has arrived today its the same as above but now at my place whoaaa!!

                ive just taken it apart removed the buttons which are sanwa buttons and the joys are seimitsu LS-33n's came with a jamma harness all fully wired for 3 buttons

                just cleaning it up, its got lots of little sticky smudges.

                now im just gonna order my new joysticks and buttons and keyboard encoder and away we go


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                  update 26/6/09

                  Received my new batch of parts ordered from In2amusments the sanwa sticks with gt-y restrictors (sounds like a car) and some buttons... by the way Jasons great to deal with got my parts fast even though he ran out of stock when i ordered and shipped them by express post.. great will post a pic once the controls are setup

                  at the moment i'm trying to work out how the friggin hell i'm going to get my tv out of its case and into the Cab. the tube is huge and has wires coming out of it everywhere think this one might be a 2 man(or woman) job


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                    well cracked open the tv the other day to see how this tube is gonna fit well, the mounts for the tv and the mounts for the cab aren't just different they are bloody nothing like each other cant even mod positioning of the bolts on the cab cause they are nowhere near each other..

                    well tommorow i've enlisted the help of a freind to make a mount for the tv to fit into, ohh yeah its gonna be the most awkwad job ever... this tube weighs a freakin tonne

                    fun times a head will post some pics of the success/failure


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                      best of luck mate, you've been far more persistent than I would have been already. Hope you get something figured out, they are a nice looking cab.



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                        Wow that was ages ago.. so much as happened since, the TV is in the box is in I have a 90% finished hyperspin Fe completed with mutiple emulators and then it's been shelved for about 2 years as I moved house and have no room to work on it.. I was basically up to just some plastic repairs and artwork.. but now looking at it im gonna replace the Pc for something more powerful. I'm getting my shed down in a few months and it will be back at it soon enough .. in the meantime I've also picked up a Naomi universal cabinet, so I'll be messing with that in the house till it's shed time!


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