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Playchoice 10 Super-Deluxe (LAI)

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  • Playchoice 10 Super-Deluxe (LAI)

    Figured I better keep track of this project:

    Picked this monster up today off another member, thanks 4wasp4.

    No pics just yet, but some notes:

    1 - top CRT has no yoke, also MAY have signs of burning from the original so I hold the chassis sus at this stage
    2 - main CRT has bad impurity/alignment on the LHS and degaussing does not help. A quick peek at the back and it's an orion tube with an unlabelled chassis. Looks like the yoke either is not original or has been fiddled with...
    3 - Only boots occasionally. Not sure on this yet, will need to have a look at the power supply.
    4 - Golf cart does not work.

    Here are the carts it came with:

    1 - Mike Tyson's Punch Out - with an onboard CR2032 battery which will be replaced ASAP
    2 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    3 - Dr Mario
    4 - Rad Racer
    5 - Pro Wrestling
    6 - Gauntlet
    7 - Double Dragon
    8 - Tennis
    9 - Golf
    10 - Super Mario Brothers

    and an additional board "Kung Fu" unpopulated.

    A quick question - did these come with eproms or mask-roms originally? All of these are eproms, but the security chip is still present..


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    Now with some pics:

    These guys are not hugely common, so I thought I'd drop some pics here for members to have a squiz at. Gotta get to the cab to take some will do that soon.

    Here is the main board, with 10 sockets for the carts:

    Here is a close-up of a good idea: a 1F super-cap instead of a battery. Still going strong, and no leaks

    A close-up of the 10 sockets:

    A closeup of the heatsinked custom:

    Top of the PCB: with the "other than jamma" connector for the 2nd monitor

    Near the "almost Jamma" connector, with RGB pots:

    Some sample carts: short and full lengths, different eprom configs, and one with a backup battery: (top to bottom: Gauntlet, Double Dragon, Pro Wrestling, Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Super Mario Brothers)



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      More Pics:

      Top Screen Bezel:

      Main Screen and CP:

      Inside the cab(front):

      Side Profile of the cab (crap piccy!)



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        Cool looking cab. The PCB's look nice and clean. The game line up sounds good to.

        Is that a ploy with the wife "I hung out the washing hun".....
        Movies are very educational. Example: I wouldn't never guess that a shoot in head can kill a zombie...


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          heheh yeah - it's the only sheltered spot that was suitable. Problem is in rainy weather the washing gets in the way

          It's moving soon, just have to wait for the Mrs to be away for a few hours



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            I love the cab, it has so much character to it.


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              I just bought one of these and need to do a couple of the things to it.
              I was hoping u could tell me/show me what mech was in it?.
              Mine is missing the bottom of my Control panel overlay see pic.
              So hoping u could take a photo of that part of the cpo so I can get a reprint, i can just notice it says playchoice on the bottom of one of ur photos, is the lettering the exact the same size as the marquee as I have the marquee to copy from.
              Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated

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