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i-Cade restoration/tidy

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  • i-Cade restoration/tidy

    As mentioned in my intro post, I've got a cabinet with i-Cade Jamma board, all working but want to give it a good cleanup.

    So far have removed the marquee that was on it.
    Found it was just cardboard glued to some glass - but when i removed the glass and turned it over, found it was the original marquee for the arcade where the cabinet came from, "Video Village" - spoken to a couple of people and we think Video Village was located "downtown" Auckland city.

    The marquee artwork is in "OK" condition, might see if someone can tidy it up for me and re-use it. Theres also an empty fluro bulb holder in the marquee compartment - will test this and if working get a new bulb.

    Removed the joysticks and panel - joysticks and buttons are "MCA" brand - not the best but not the worst that I've read so far. The 2nd joystick and buttons were not connected at all - this being that the original cabinet was probably a 2 player game, but when the i-Cade was installed, the games are all single player. But means I have spare joystick and buttons

    The main panel is just painted metal (black) with a light texture - will sand this back to bare metal and come up with a new paint job for it.

    Being a long weekend here this weekend, Im hoping to get into the cabinet properly and remove all the electronics and power to clear out the cobwebs and get a better look at the overall cabinet condition. The CRT will stay in place for now, its too damn heavy and precious to damage right now

    More pics and info as I go.....
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