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Environmental discs of tron - restoration


Post up your Arcade Cab restorations logs and pictures here

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    So it's gotta be a quick one but I finally got some time away from other projects to do edot the last few days.

    So thanks to mouser I got all the large caps for the suitcase. Arcade parts and repair for the suitcase stud diodes and power supply rebuild kit. I also got all replacement connectors for it which I haven't fitted yet. But I will.

    So I rebuilt the suitcase and the power supply . No photos of that but you guys know what a board looks like. My new soldering station with the vacuum de soldering tool makes life so easy... Definitely recommend one for everyone.

    And so after all this I reconnected everything back up, except power, checked voltages and then bit the bullet to power it all up...

    So for the first time in about 15years EDOT 434 LIVES!!!

    There is a slow roll on the monitor and the sound is only coming from the talk and sqwark.. but they can be fixed

    Now time for a beer 🍻
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      Great effort there fella ! You must be super happy with yourself...No Smoke Genie released !!!!!! I bet even the beer will taste better after this win


        Well had another quick go at it today and found that the led is not lit at all on the sound io board. So hense no sounds. The sqwark and talk is working through all speakers because I can test that but none of the main sound boards sounds are working. So sound Amps are working.

        Looks like the boards have to come out and I need to dig a little deeper.
        Caps while I'm at it. Check continuity between board and amp
        Re seat chips, clock, stuck open test switch, re flow connectors to start.

        Hopefully it's something simple

        If anyone else knows of any common failure points on these mcr boards feel free to let me know and I'll check them too


          So had another quick go at the ssio board today and it's still starting up with the 'sound board interface error' and no sounds.

          I have re capped it , re seated chips checked power throughout the board, re flowed the ribbon cable connections, checked for shorted caps.

          I checked through the chips and they are all getting power. So at least there is that. The crystal seems to be working at the crystal. But I'm not sure if it is at the z80. It's not pulsing at the z80, the probe is showing it as low.

          One of the transistors q102 wasn't reading as the other two were so I replaced the but no change. Still have no flashing at all from the led...

          So my next step I think is replacing the ram chip and z 80 and hoping that sorts out the issue.

          As above the sqwark and talk still tests fine through all 4 speakers so it's not a fault with the amps or anything.



            I wanted to do a pretty job today. So here is the CNC cut mirrors I got made up. Just looks fantastic

            If anyone wants the files just pm me

            Fit perfect and for $120 I think it's well worth it
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              Noice..getting jealous ! keep the posts coming


                So still getting frustrated by this ssio sound board interface error

                I got an old z80 from another board and replaced the ram too, still no life.

                I'll pull it apart again and re check the continuity to ensure its none of the sockets for the socketed chips but I don't think it is. I have no way of testing this chip as it's a different clock speed to the one on the graphics board. But I'll try and find a z80b and see if that works.

                As for ram I'm pulling them off old boards unknown so I'm just hoping they work at this point.

                Hoping for something simple but it's looking more annoying as the time goes on.

                2 questions:
                Does anyone know of someone who I can send my ROMs to so they can verify then?
                Can they verify the 6116 ram also?

                I'm thinking I'll just replace the two digital amps for shits and giggles too 😓


                  Meh scratch that.

                  I think for June there is no clock signal coming to the cpu. So I'll trace it back from there.


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