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  • Low boy Restoration

    This was my first lowboy restoration. I had a good mate (cabinet maker) help with some of the cabinet work, was a great learning experience! This was done back in May 2006.

    Went with MAME, PC AVGA and IPAC Setup. Orginal 20" tube.

    Work done
    Completely cleaned and gutted cabinet.
    Replaced door (cut from new MDF).
    Laminated completely in black.
    Rebuilt Player 1/2 Panel with extra credit and escape buttons.
    Sanded and sprayed all metal and control panel.
    Rebuilt control panel plastic holder.
    Replaced all joysticks and buttons.
    Marquee printer on backlit UV from printer
    Replaced T-Mould

    Was a great fun project to do.
    Hopefully it will inspire some others.
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    Big Improvement, Well Done

    Maybe it's just the photo, but it looks like you have some light leaking through the speaker grills causing a reflection ??

    Credit & Esc buttons fit nicely & I'm sure will come in very handy.


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      Another one saved!

      Love the marque
      "Beer, it does a belly good!"

      Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!


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