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Spacies 3 sided cocktail

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  • Spacies 3 sided cocktail

    For those of you who don't know what a 3 sided cocktail is, well it has an extra control panel to play horizontal games.
    Why build a 3 sided cocktail? Well for this guy its a matter of what the 'boss' will let in the house.

    This is a JAMMA machine, not MAME, so I put this in the Arcade section.

    In a nutshell:

    Custom spacies black cab with chrome t-edge and an extra control panel.
    TV screen with Jomac Chassis.
    Vertical panels have 1 x Mag Stick Plus and 3 buttons. Artwork for these CPs will be based on Xevious side art.
    Horizontal Panel will have 2 x Mag Stick Plus and have Multi Williams layout and artwork.
    Art under the glass is a collage from with a vector of the Pacman maze which I have used before.

    I am concerned about 'over arting' () but we will see.

    Its starting to take shape and looks real good.
    Pics soon.

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    No pictures? Why are you wasting my time?

    I look forward to seeing this completed in the next 48 hours... you've got a reputation to uphold
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      Originally posted by dmworking247 View Post
      No pictures? Why are you wasting my time?

      Coz he Can!!!


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        Gimme a break!
        Main part of the cab is done.
        Just working on the CPs right now. As we all know, CPs are a mission!

        3 things just don't go together. Dust, static electricity and acrylic sheets!


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          Bah, my CPs only took me 2.5 months, what are you talking about?

          3 other things: Cheap spray guns, wind, and tiny black bugs.
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            2.5 months. thats gotta be a record!

            (slowest ever)

            Yeah, those bugs really suck. They must smell paint miles away and all head straight for it. Mofos. Black is a nightmare as well.

            Uploading pics now.


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              Well were waiting...

              come on

              Come on....


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                Man you guys are impatient.

                Some boring stuff first up.

                So yeah, I am using the Mag Stick Plus which are switchable from 4 to 8 way from the top. Just lift the shaft and rotate. Very cool idea. I am not totally convinced on these sticks but haven't had a go with them yet. They have a very short throw.

                You see the little white lever? That slides left and right when you change the confiuration. Nifty.

                Theses sticks come standard as bat top but I wanted balls. Ball top shafts are extra $$$$. Some ning nong ordered the wrong length shafts so I had to flush mount them.

                Excuse my rough cutting but the router shit itself last week so I had to use a blade and chisel
                To flush mount these I had to pull them to bits. It wasn't too hard but watch that darn spring and the locking washers. They dissapear right before your eyes.

                That is the main plate fixed in place. Fairly straight forward stuff there.

                Ta da:

                The body of the stick screwed to the plate.

                I was going to just stick the art to the top of the panel but because that idiot (me) ordered the wrong shafts I now have to cover the art with plexi. I don't like the plexi to be higher the the t-molding so I offset the slot by the thickness of the plexi, in this case 3mm, so the plexi will now sit flush with the t-molding. (hopefully)

                More in a minute. Still typing.


                As I said earlier, the vertical panels are having Xevious art.
                I modded the side art to suit these panels:

                All buttons on this thing are going to be illuminated. This took ages to do. First up solder wires to the prongs on the LED. Cover the prongs with heatshrink. Cut wire again further up and solder in a resistor. Cover that with heatshrink. Drill holes in the base of the button. Multiply that by tons and you are done.

                Now comes the problem with darn translucent buttons. The are different sizes. Out with the files spacies:

                Its too hot to be doing that. Need beer.

                Okily dokily.
                All the buttons in and all the LED wires ready to go:

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                  Now for the good stuff:

                  Vertical panel:

                  The very beautiful horizontal panel:


                  Back to work.


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                    Very nice.

                    Did you print your artwork yourself or go to a printer???


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                      omg... that is amazing!!!!

                      i should have got u to build my cp's!!


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                        Originally posted by Darksoul View Post
                        Very nice.

                        Did you print your artwork yourself or go to a printer???

                        I did it myself.

                        Originally posted by intigod View Post
                        omg... that is amazing!!!!

                        i should have got u to build my cp's!!

                        I could build them. But they are already done?
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                          Were you hoping we didn't notice the 'flap' and 'inviso' buttons aren't aligned to the artwork?

                          Don't worry, I'm just picky because I'm jealous and can't do artwork for shit.... its my achilies heel

                          Nice work, where'd you buy the magsticks/tranlucent buttons?
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                            LOL. Its always hard trying to line up custom stuff.
                            The Inviso is about half a mm off. I could make the hole a bit bigger then it will centre. The shadow is stopping you from seeing the yellow all the way around.
                            And the flap/reverse, I should have moved the right wing closer. Oh well. I ain't changing it now!

                            Magsticks from Ultimarc and the buttons from Rollies (forget his name on BYOAC). Should look cool lit up.


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                              Those cp's look kick ass.

                              Well Done.
                              Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing Tubeman.sigpic


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