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First Classic Restomod


Post up your Arcade Cab restorations logs and pictures here

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  • First Classic Restomod

    I know "Restomod" is a car term but it pretty well describes my project.

    I recently bought this thing. I'm discovering it's is a bitsa:
    • 1942 PCBs
    • KZ-20EN CRT (1982 Sega I believe)
    • Armor Attack marquee (Aussie design it appears, printed with a "Family Entertainment Leisure & Allied Industries" logo)
    • Aluminium checker plate kick panel (Probably to kinda match the marquee)
    • Two player 3 button CP

    It has / had a few issues:
    • A little water rot in the bottom skirt. I intend to grind this back to good MDF (or whatever that stuff is) and bog it up.
    • The CRT was wobbly. In need of a recap it would appear.
    • The graphics sometimes do not appear on boot or disappear at sometime after boot.
    • The CRT mounting board had serious sag.

    What I like / don't like: Considering it's a bitsa anyhow; I figure I can customise as I see fit.
    • Like the CRT. Love the lo-fi neon glow thing they have.
    • Like the cab. Missile Command is one of my favs, plus I'm an 8-bit Atari fanboi.
    • Like the kick panel. It's something different.
    • Dislike the Armor Attack marquee. I'll sell this.
    • Dislike the 1942 PCBs. I want a multi game machine (that's the restomod bit), plus I was never a big fan of this game.

    The plan so far:
    • I just got an ArcadeSD for it. From what I've seen, these are the biz. The menu certainly is.
    • Got a JAMMA pigtail coming.
    • I just built a new CRT mounting board out of 18mm marine ply. It's rock solid now.
    • I just re-caped the monitor PCB and put it back in tonight. It's better but there's still two issues that I'll post about.
    • Pretty sure I'll get the Missile Command artwork for it.
    • I'm toying with the idea of building the CP as a 1P 3 button with a 1P trackball but reckon I'll play it as is for a while before I decide.
    • I polished the kick panel, looks cool.
    • Might get chrome T strip to match the kick panel.

    I'll update with some photos soon.
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