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Steel Control Panel Coating Recommendations

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  • Steel Control Panel Coating Recommendations

    Hey all,

    I have a bare metal control panel that I'm looking to get coated. I've had numerous ideas proposed to me, I'm looking for recommendations.

    The options I have a little idea about are:

    1) Powder coating

    The disadvantage I've heard about this is around the feel of the cold steel on your hands. After playing on the raw metal last night I understand this.

    2) Plasti Dip

    Have heard varying reports on this. Anyone got experience with it? Seems like a relatively cheap and easy way to go.

    3) Some kind of vinyl/fake leather wrap

    Have only just started my investigations. Should be soft on my girly hands.

    4) Plexi glass cover

    Seems a great idea but I'm not sure how to mount it on my one piece, bent steel control panel.

    Any help appreciated.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I think this stuff is firming...

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    Powder coat it, all the rest will wear with use, the next best option is plastic type vinyl, not upholstery vinyl, but buy good quality as the cheap stuff cracks and peels, it will wear but you can recover it as many times as you like, plexi is good to cover the wear areas, you wouldn't try to bend it to cover a full control panel, just the top.

    Plasti dip in the spray can is crap, its meant to be peeled off, so it does not wear well


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      Ozstick used to sell a good vinyl no sure if he still has it , also a good place to get all your gear from joysticks ect


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