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Restoration - Nutt and Muddle Jubilee Mk. 12 - Treasure Island

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  • Restoration - Nutt and Muddle Jubilee Mk. 12 - Treasure Island

    Hi all.

    A couple of years ago, I picked up a Jubilee machine. It was a train wreck when I got it. I unjammed it, and got the mech working mostly over time. I also cleaned up the cash drawer and re-chromed it, and the handle.

    Below is my future to-do list and some questions. I'd appreciate some advice on these items.
    1. The springs on the upper pay fingers are old - and dont have enough tension to pull the fingers in to correctly pay out. I am fairly certain there wont be too many of the original parts around... but how would I locate a replacement part? What are the specs of springs? I can do physical measurement - but I dont know about the tension.
    2. The springs that drive the main handle tension are very rusted. Any suggestions on rust removal and treatment to prevent more rust? I also have other rust in a few non critical areas, that I'd like to remove.
    3. The 4th reel sometimes stops mid-way between two positions. I am assuming this could be fixed by more tension on the brake to the reel? The springs for this I think are between the reels?
    4. The coin counter sometimes jams when it spins the last few digits from 999 back around to 000's etc. Has anyone done work on this component successfully? Is it worth my while?
    5. The coin slot at the top was badly scratched. I tried to remove it from the door assembly unsuccessfully. Is it removable?
    6. I tried to get the glass out as well - with the intent of rechroming the remaining frame... but couldn't get it out. Is it possible?
    7. The glass has minor defects where it has been scratched on the inside. Would this be repairable?

    I saw someone post a diagram in another thread that appears to be from a service manual. Does anyone have the complete document available? The rusted springs that I mentioned above are part 3, 4, and 5 below.


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    Hi Czokie can you post a few photos of the game.


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      Originally posted by ghostassassin88 View Post
      Hi Czokie can you post a few photos of the game.
      Will do - Just want to take the time to get out the DSLR to take a good shot.


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        Try ebay for "slot machine springs"


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          Hi Czokie
          How did you go with your Jubilee 12 machine? Did you find anywhere to get spare parts or some internal parts drawings.
          Just bought one and it's missing a few parts namely the main drive mech and various springs!
          Any help with this would be appreciated.
          Thanks Muzza


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