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Bubble Bobble, Jungle Hunt & DK Jr Artwork Redo

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  • Bubble Bobble, Jungle Hunt & DK Jr Artwork Redo

    Nothing special ... just a kwik note for the ladies out there that either collect or keep up with the arcade artwork out there.

    After starting back into casual vector tracing again, and me bitching about bad processes and lazy work, and such, on the new Illustrator Q&A thread .. thought I'd put the hippocrit behind me and review my first important AI vector jobs I did back when I was nooby and green
    The suspect jobs being the original 'Jungle Hunt' marquee, 'Bubble Bobble' marquee and 'DK Junior' cpo. All currently up on the Arcade Art Library.

    Now that I'm wiser ... thought I better fix my frick-ups.. especially when some people are downloading them and using them to restore their cabs. Most of the problems are 'stroke' related ... except for the Jungle Hunt... which is a mess and was done via bad snapshots.

    Bubble Bobble is already done ... just waiting for Sirwoogie to fix my corrupted account at AAL so I can upload. Thx to Gibbo for supplying me a scan of the JH marquee for reference. The DK jr cpo looks fine... just the cheating with 'strokes' need to be fixed.

    No need to reply... Just reference for artwork guys who give a f%*k.

    DK Jr CPO done now as well ... Not much was wrong... but still enuff to piss me off.
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    "He who laughs when things go wrong ... has just thought of someone they can blame it on!"

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    Just a note for the interested (not many.. i know ).
    Well.. the DK jnr CPO was not alright at all. The main ellements were no problems ( like the text, Mario, DK and son etc), but the colors appear to be out big time and the main blue base was incorrectly dimensioned. These were the colors on the original scan I got from the Arcade Artwork Library back in '04??? The Instruction Card was also too small. I had 2 scans to check on ... and both had incorrect blue bases on them. I had access to about 4 good reference pics as well. I used all 6 sources to compile a new CPO. Still not sure about exact color matches, as I do not have a mint scan or CPO to check against.

    Have post up at BYOAC and asked Wade (who has a DK jr), too take some major artwork measurements 4 and color checks before I upload it.

    The Arcade Art Library is poorly maintained now, And my account is corrupted. Hell, couldnt access the site today. Admin are also not getting back to me. Will proboably upload the file to Zorg and he can put it on his artwork repository.

    Enuff of my dribble.

    For interest below ... the corrected old scan, but with the old colors is the top pic... the color corrected below it.

    And a thumbnail of the original first trace. Notice the base blue layer doesn't cut off Mario foot, and the smaller Instru card. Bizarre cleaned-up scan what ever it was!
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    "He who laughs when things go wrong ... has just thought of someone they can blame it on!"


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