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  • Double Dragon info reqd

    Hi guys,

    On not being able to find an original Double Dragon machine to purchase I've decided to build one from scratch (I have an original Jamma board, Bezel and Marquee). Whilst I have the rough dimensions of the Cabinet, there are some that I are missing that I cant work out from the various photo's I've found on the net. I really, really want to build this as close as possible to the original, so if anyone can help out with the below questions/requests I'd be most appreciative.

    1. Does the cardboard bezel simply rest up against the monitor, and is it meant to 'bow' (looks like from photos I have seen) at the bottom?
    2. Is there only one speaker fitted? I assume it mounts under the fluro - what is used to stop the light flowing through the speaker slots?
    3. The glass - The top looks like it 'slips' in between a gap between two separate pieces ('floor' of the marquee area)? I assume this gap is aft of the fluro area and is blocked off to stop lighting appearing in the gap on the glass?
    4. The glass - How is the bottom of the glass secured - does it just rely on the control panel forcing it against the bottom backrest or does the bottom of the glass fit in a channel?
    5. What is the 'white' side strips sitting behind the monitor glass (seen in a few pics)?
    6. Can anyone supply the depth measurements of the top (underside) two pieces of wood that the top of the glass slots between.
    7. What is the depth size of the control panel
    8. Is t-moulding fitted all around the sides (have seen a pic where it doesn't look its fitted at the back of the side panels)?
    9. What is the distance that the middle panels are set back from the edge of the side panels (looks like 1/2")
    10. What is the distance from the front of the side panels to the glass (avg) around the middle area (glass looks parallel to the side panel edge)?
    11. Is the front edge of the control panel fitted with t-moulding?
    12. What is the height/width of the glass? (assume its 58.5cm as the Marquee Plexi, original, I have is measured at that)
    13. How far back is the front of the marquee set (from the front)?

    Photo Requests:
    1. Internal rear wheels mounting (get an idea on how to mount them)
    2. Wood block that provides the ability to both mount the monitor and allow it to lay flat (it has a slotted groove permitting rotation of the monitor mounting board) . I need a photo showing it without the monitor in it.
    I have worked out, at best, that the cross-section should look something like the below:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	MonitorArrange.jpg
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    3. Speaker mount from inside
    4. Pic of the fluro area
    5. Area the bottom draw slides in and out - trying to work out how it slides and also how you 'grab' it to open/close.


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    I can answer question 2
    Either one speaker or 2 8ohm speakers in parallel (JAMMA is mono) the speaker stops the light.

    Some info here:


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      Originally posted by Ryan555 View Post
      I can answer question 2
      Either one speaker or 2 8ohm speakers in parallel (JAMMA is mono) the speaker stops the light.

      Some info here:
      Cheers for the speaker info, the thread you listed is the one that got me started


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