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  • New blank canvas

    I have bought an old what looks like lowboy cabinet with everything in tact but missing glass. I have only made one cabinet which was a red NEOGEO which i turned into a MAME conversion using an old pc.

    The question i have is...i wouldnt have a clue how to do anything other than a PC and emulation software, would it be easy to do this "JAMMA" thing or create something other than MAME? How many different parts are required? Are the parts expensive? Where should i start?

    I have some PC knowledge, woodwoorking and general building knowledge (The above mentioned cabinet and a timber racing cockpit)

    Any help appreciated.

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    New blank canvas

    Assuming you have a jamma standard lowboy

    This means you can plug in a board which complies with the jamma standard which is the connector which has the video , power , two joysticks , up to three buttons per player , mono sound

    But let's say you want to keep the lowboy as original as possible , then can get an x in one board and swap it in or setup a pc which will plug into the jamma connector , then no wires need to be cut.


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      Wow was i drunk when i posted that last night.....i mean the cabinet timber work is complete with nothing inside at all or the glass.

      Are there any "How to" guides starting from scratch.


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        You'll need some basic electrical knowledge and some patience.

        Parts required will be:
        Jamma harness $20
        Arcade Power Supply $20
        Stepdown transformer ($10-$30, approx?)
        Universal Chassis $165 + 19" display (guess) which can usually be picked up free. Better option for a beginner is try and source a second hand working 19" chassis+display combo ready to go.
        Joysticks and buttons (plenty of starter kits out there, $45 approx)
        Coin Mechanism ($20)
        Game board (varies).
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          Great i assume these parts are available in Australia, but would it be pushing it to think they may be available within Adelaide?


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            All of this can be sourced from Australia, check the sponsors section of this site, else ebay. The universal chassis estimate was inclusive of shipping from WA (from Jomac-a sponsor here) based on one I just bought.

            Do some reading first to make sure this is the path you want to go down. There is always some trade off between genuine arcade hardware, an xxx-in-1 board (halfway), and MAME/PC emulation. In simple terms its a sliding scale from authenticity (genuine) vs versatility (MAME).
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              Get in contact with "gameroom" (Gameroom Essentials) on here as he is Adelaide based and is a sponsor of AA.
              Dan should have most of the gear you need as he builds cabinets and sets them up.
              Console Repairs/Mods in SA, Contact me.


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