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Need expert help with arcade monitor

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  • Need expert help with arcade monitor

    Hi all,
    I was recommended to your site to see if I could get confirmation of MAME/PC support for this monitor in my arcade cabinet. I need to know firstly what I would need to do to connect a PC to it and if there are any other things I need to consider, ie does this monitor allow only 15Khz signals or can it handle the signals (31Khz?) from the PC if I connect it? or do I need to use some special hardware (eg ArcadeVGA)?
    Let me know if you need more pictures.
    It is a Wells Gardner 19K4906.
    Any assistance with this would be great. The monitor runs the current game in the cabinet really well so I dont want to blow this monitor up if I can help it!

    Click image for larger version

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Name:	monitor-board.jpg
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    I would suggest asking the same question to Jomac (check out the sponsors section), he knows all things monitor....


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      welcome to AA


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        You've got a few options here - but to keep it simple.

        Get one of these

        And one of these

        Tweak it a bit and job done!

        If you run a JPAC then that will basically prevent you from being able to do any damager to the CRT as it wont let you pass anything other than 15K to the monitor.

        You *can* get away with running soft 15K on some ATI(?) cards so eliminating the need for the AracadeVGA, but the ArcadeVGA *just works* and is almost plug and play. YMMV...



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          Yeah, JPAC and ArcadeVGA is your easiest way to get it done with minimal stuffing around.

          While it won't give you as perfect resolutions as a properly setup soft15khz, it still looks great and works beautifully out of the box. It will only require a small amount of tweaking to get up and running, while using soft15khz can take days of setting up and tweaking.


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            I would recomend going soft 15 & a japac or an IPAC2 or 4.

            i went the ARCADEVGA path however i found that i was unhappy with the resolutions it suppoerted. games had black boarder etc etc etc.

            I would spend the time and dig up an old ATI card that works with soft15 use clamity drivers and unlock or the resolutions and all your game will look perfect.

            I know it seems less work to use an ARCADEVGA but i think this is false.....

            You will be forever readjusting your screen to try and make it look right screens will roll inbetween games and all kinds of nonsense...

            Go groovy mame soft 15 and a compatable ATI Card that support clamity drivers..

            If it all sounds to much to you pm me your mobile ill text you my number and ill happily explain it all and answer any questions you have.


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