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What wire gauge for JAMMA harness


Any topic relating to the restoration of Video or Electromechanical Arcade machines.

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  • What wire gauge for JAMMA harness

    I'm rewiring my whole arcade machine what wire gauge is best for a Jamma harness

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    Is it 18 AWG for power with 20 AWG for everything else or is it 18 SWG for power and 20 SWG for everything else


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      why not just measure the one you have?

      mixing british and yank sizes when you dont understand either will just send you in circles.

      just buy the most expensive loom you can find and get on with your life. The ones highway sell work fine but grab whatever one floats your boat and use it.


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        Wiredoug you misunderstood I've got no intentions of mixing AWG with SWG I'm asking which ONE do I use, me and my boat are fine its my old wiring that isn't so I have to start from scratch and since I'm new to this ide prefer not getting spat at for not knowing and instead have sound polite advice


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          Hi, this is one of those topics which seems to be hotly debated with opinions from either end of the scale!

          I can see your machine is running a 'proper' game board so will need a decent harness whereas we know most of the multigames can get away with less...

          I happened to be browsing some arcade videos on youtube and noticed one regarding cabinet wiring here

          In the video Doc Mack, owner of Galloping Ghost arcade mentions a Happ Controls harness being very suitable. With over 600 machines in operation that seems a valid recommendation.

          And, Happ Controls being a respected name in Arcade hardware I visited the Suzo Happ website to check their specifications, locating this product as an example:-

          in the products Q+A the wire gauge is stated as 22AWG - bearing in mind there are multiple connections for each power rail.

          So I really think any harness which equals or betters that should be fine, beware of unknown brands which falsely state wire gauges though.

          There are a number of respected Australian suppliers such as Highway Entertainment who can assist so if in doubt contact one and ask which product they recommend.

          Hope this is some help, regards John
          more from John's Retro Workshop -


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            If you think “stop overthinking it and buy the expensive one” is being spat on I can’t help you. You’re pretty much exactly why I’m sick of helping people


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              I'm not fat I'm big boned I guess ha ha come on ide buy you a round it's beer under the bridge and I apologise if I bit your head off, what do you say....


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                I use 4mm auto wire for power and 2.5mm for everything else


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