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Advice to buy a joystick and buttons


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  • Advice to buy a joystick and buttons

    Hi all, I have my first arcade machine with street fighter 2 champion edition and I am going to replace the joysticks and buttons I need some advice for which is closest to the original joysticks with an 8 way restrictor, HAPP or SANWA, at the moment the joysticks and buttons might be the original and I would kind of like to keep the feel of the joystick like it was when street fighter came out, I'm open to suggestions for loose or tight action joysticks as I haven't played an arcade for some 25 years. My arcade is setup for JAMMA and I will be removing the face plate where the joystick and buttons are as the buttons are not aligned correctly. Where do I buy the joysticks and buttons from where is a reputable place as ide like to stay away from eBayClick image for larger version

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    In Australia we used MCA sticks. In America, it was HAPP with bat tops. In Japan, Sanwa & Seimitsu. These days it’s a personal preference really. But if you wanted the original sticks we used down under then MCA (the ones you currently have) are the way to go. Unfortunately they’re not made anymore but they’re around on the second hand market. You can ask on the marketplace on this forum or hunt around on auction sites.

    If you’re after Japanese sticks, you can get them from Akishop.

    No one can really answer for you as to what “feels” good. It’s really up to you to either find an arcade where you can try the different styles of sticks or buy them for yourself and figure it out. Almost everyone I know in this hobby has different preferences and it’s quite a fun process figuring your own out.


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      Thank you djsheep I thought it was going to be an easy one to answer but before posting this question I did a quick google about joysticks and I agree about personal preference its like us kids back in the day saying which is better, Sega or Nintendo, I've just started my adventures with arcades I'm sure I'll try many brands over time. PS: definitely Sega


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        Wrong style MCA joysticks are used on your install by the way. Those are for going through thick wood paneling used on the panel which yours is not. The original MCAs would have not had the thick collar and they also "feel much better".
        Totally up to you but the collar type MCAs were not a good design as opposed to the non collar MCAs.


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