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LAI Ms Pacman Cocktail Tidy Up


Any topic relating to the restoration of Video or Electromechanical Arcade machines.

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  • LAI Ms Pacman Cocktail Tidy Up

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20210426_203320.jpg Views:	0 Size:	252.3 KB ID:	2205917 Purchased this recently and want to get straight into a tidy up of the machine. All works and playable but sure is stinky and would say based on the smell, many a good um "gaming" session has been had at this machine.
    Looking to rob parts from my other machine for now and get the 60 in one on there for a while. Screen has a bit of distortion across the full length of one side and it would be nice to see if that is PCB related or something else.
    It is also not jamma, I am not too keen to rewire the cab so I need to work out rhw pin orientation and create an adapter.
    Looking forward to a good weekend

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    Dare I say it and I tried searching like crazy, but only found old threads with links that do not work. Is there a LAI 22pin to JAMMA adaptor still available out there or someone with a LAI wiring diagram so I can solder my own?


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      Hi, I'm surprised nobody answered this yet as there must be plenty of LAI devotees around.

      I came across this web page a while ago which refers to the LAI pinout and colour coding - can't personally guarantee its accuracy and it's best to double check your own cabling with a meter just to be safe anyway.

      The Jamma side is well documented and I'm sure you have that already.

      If anyone has drawn up a better / more detailed / more accurate pinout for the LAI cabinets or an LAI - JAMMA adaptor please feel free to post them here or add a new link. Thanks.

      Meanwhile, hope this helps. Regards, John.

      more from John's Retro Workshop -


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        That is perfect, I will clean and check the PCB today. Thank you


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