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Any topic relating to the restoration of Video or Electromechanical Arcade machines.

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    This isn't really a restoration as I'm not doing anything with the cab. This is just taking a rat smelling neglected non-working cab and getting it going again.

    I picked this cab up a few years ago. Unfortunately the tube in it was buggered, the psu section looked like crap and rats had died in the boardset. It has sat around as a lot of my projects do but it's now time to get it going.

    Yesterday with the help of namastepat and SpudJones i swapped out the tube for a working one. Whoever designed this cab either doesn't plan well or had a malicious streak. To remove the tube was a royal pita. You can't remove it from the front. You have to remove the entire bracket by removing 4 bolts and 4 screws. Two of the bolts are at the front so to easily get at the nuts you have to remove the control panel 😡

    Anthony was good enough to make me a glass retaining bracket as that was missing 👍

    So I've removed the psu components to clean all of the rust from the plate they're attached to. Once it's cleaned and repainted I'll clean up the wiring and replace parts if needed (highly likely).

    I know a lot of people will think poorly of me but I'm actually going to be running a pc with a u-hid so I can play track pak, super sprint, Indy heat and badlands as well. All of the connectors will remain the same so I can just put the boardset back in there whenever i want.

    I do plan on buying new cp artwork from this old game at some point but am going to focus on just getting it running at the moment.

    I also need to track down a marquee
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    Started putting things back into the cab today. Still waiting for the metal plate to be rust free so i can paint it and get it back into the cab before i start testing any power. A couple of things were earthed to it so I'd like to get that done again. It's been soaking in vinegar for 1.5 days now and it's almost there.

    Still have to work out all of the wiring. If anyone has any pics of the inside of their cabs they would be appreciated.


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      Did a little bit more today. The metal plate was painted yesterday so back in today. I also painted the feet of the transformer to get rid of any rust.

      Made a new power harness as the old one was a bodgy hack job. Thankfully I had a spare Peter Chou PSU which is what was in there so I threw the spare in and I'll test this one after I give it a good clean.

      Started plugging in and testing voltages. 116 from the step down transformer so happy there.

      The switching power supply is set at 5.2v which, from what I've read, is the correct voltage for a super off road pcb.

      Now I just have to swap the power connector for the chassis to match the cable from the transformer. Then make a new video cable from the pcb to the chassis and I'm good to test the pcb.

      I'm planning on putting a led bar in the head so will likely throw another switching power supply doing 12v for the lights.
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        Sorted out my video cable today. But now it's time to get ready for houseball 🥳

        If I'm not too hungover tomorrow I'll replace the power connector for the chassis, test the monitor and then test the pcb.

        If that all works then it'll be onto testing the controls and replacing all the manky buttons on the cp


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          Great updates, I remember this game was one of my favourites, if I could find one in Perth I think I would snap it up and do what you are doing so can also play championship sprint.


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            Originally posted by Homar View Post
            Great updates, I remember this game was one of my favourites, if I could find one in Perth I think I would snap it up and do what you are doing so can also play championship sprint.
            Thanks mate. There's a number of good games like that. It's a beast of a cab so may as well get a few games into it.


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              So I've swapped over the connector for the chassis power.
              Monitor gets power 👍

              Plug in both pcbs and neither work ☹

              But i didn't really expect they would

              So now I'll build a pc to see if I can get a good image displaying on the monitor in case there are issues with the chassis


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                So it looks like in the first board I tested its missing the chips from u82, u74 & u75. I'll try swapping the chips from the rat coffin pcb.

                The second board is missing the chip from u56

                That is just from the top boards. I still have to check the bottom boards


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                  Swapping the chips from u82, u74 & u75 made no difference. Still just crap on the screen


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                    I'll be stripping and cleaning both boards when I get a bit more time. Will focus on the pc for now


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