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Any topic relating to the restoration of Video or Electromechanical Arcade machines.

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  • Restore botched arcade

    Hello yall,

    Last week I bought a super galaxians arcade(from what I can find a bootleg Galaxian) in a non working condition for €75.
    After a little diagnose the psu was bad and temporary replaced it with a pc psu and got it working again.
    - The board/pcb is in "working" order. picture stability issues because of blown capacitor, still needs replacement.
    - Crt is in working condition. Discharged it safely and cleaned it the best i could.
    - transfo is old but working.

    The previous owner botched it quite good. Not the original controls(looks extremely old. 2 plates smashing together) and mounting plate, screen artwork is missing and ugly green tape is in its place, not original pcb(euro league), crt mounted horizontally, t-molding is breaking off, ... The side artwork is in OK shape. Not the best, not the worst. lots of dents and bruises.
    I hope the other stuff in the pictures is "original" but i am not sure.

    The way i see it, I have 3 choices.

    Completely restore it.
    Mount crt the right way up, buy a bootleg galaxians pcb, replace buttons with new ones(and original layout) and add artwork to the plate and screen, replace t-molding, new arcade psu,...
    All in all. Restore to its former glory.

    MAME it to today's standards.
    pc with mame, rpi with picade or a xxx in 1. new controls/buttons and original artwork on the plate and screen. New LCD screen. Put the screen higher up, instead of almost sunken into the cabinet, new arcade psu,...
    All in all. Up to date hardware with respect for the old artwork.

    Botch it even further. (best of both worlds)
    let me explain.
    I would like to combine a xxx in 1 board with arcade guns for something like time crisis, on rail shooters, ect... (xxx in 1 + pc with vga to scart)
    new "retro" buttons with new artwork for plate and screen. new crt and mount it higher for better viewing angle and for the guns. new t-molding, new arcade psu, ect.
    All ind all. from the outside an old cabinet, on the inside a xxx in 1 + a pc with on rail shooter games.

    My restoration skills are quite alright, know-how about electronics, great soldering skills...

    I dislike mame for the fact it doesn't give the same vibe as a single pcb. A xxx in 1 is thus somewhere in between for me.

    I hope you can imagine a little bit what i am trying to do,
    And i am asking for your expertise in what i should do.

    PS: pictures in the link.
    PPS: gives this cabinet a 3/100 which means this cabinet is rare? idk. maybe you guys know more about this?

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    I think you are pretty much on the right track already.
    Never even seen one of those in the wild and Super Galaxians is easily my favorite variant of the game.

    Click image for larger version

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    Looking close at the KLOV pic the cab looks like it was made by Zaccaria? cool.


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      Thank you so much! this really helps me out!
      I have decided to completely restore this to it's former glory.(option 1)
      I've found a lot of information, thanks to you, on about this cabinet and even the (hi-res)marquees for the screen and cp.
      Those uploaded pictures are from a damaged marquee so I am digitally repairing them PIXEL BY PIXEL. (before and after see pictures)
      If you know some groups/forums/marketplaces(except ebay) where thes sell/trade these arcdade pcb's, plz let me know!
      If i have some restauration/technical questions, can I ask them here?


      edit: completely restored the marquee! see pictures
      Last edited by carval444; 17 September 2020, 04:14 AM.


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        Of course you are welcome on AA anytime to ask questions.
        Super Galaxians is just a hack so in pinch you could modify any Original or Bootleg to suit.


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