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My first cab minor restoration project

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    Good news dude!

    Regarding your coin setup:

    So your cab is running two coin mechs from what youve said / what i can see in the photos.
    Youre saying left one takes 20c only an right one takes $1 only.
    Couldnt see a credit board in pics, or is there one behind the door or something?
    Or are your two mechs wired directly to the harness? if thats the case, where are the wires tracing to?
    Would be curious to see how its wired before can comment further
    Might also be worth getting a couple pics of the back side of the coin mechs

    See with a credit board, you have a 20c wiring input, $1 & $2, which you wire up from coin mech (or some use ribbon interface).
    Credit board also has dipswitches.
    Then depending on the value that credit board is receiving via those separate $ value inputs, and via the dip switches setup on that credit board, it calculates the monetary value to decide when to output a credit e.g. generally for street fighter, itd output to Pin 16 parts side Left coin input, which credits street fighter.

    If however you have one coin mech which is 20c only wired to say pin 16 parts side (Left coin) and second coin mech $1 only which wires directly to either that same pin, or say Pin 16 bottom side (right coin), and no credit board - then simply receiving any 'coin' in the associated mech which the mech recognises, I imagine, would simply just output a credit straight to the game PCB regardless of currency


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      There's no coin PCB, just a simple switch in each mechanism. I'll have to trace the wires to the JAMMA connector to find out where they run to, but I figured that once a signal was received by the PCB, it would check against the dip switch configuration to determine whether enough credit had been inserted (ie. looking for 1 or 3 coins). Each coin slot gives a different number of credits following insertion so they don't appear to be wired to the same pin on the board.

      I'll investigate further when I get a chance.

      Thanks again for all your exceptional advice.Click image for larger version

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        Ok, so when you check, can you confirm the dip switches and wiring are as below:

        JAMMA pin 16 top side = Coin up 1
        This wire I imagine would be going to the Normally open pin on the micro switch on your 20cent coin mech (please read on below though, looks like itll likely be going to 'common' on that microswitch instead, however should work ok, as the NO pin on that microswitch has the ground instead)
        Dip switch A would be 1 ON 2 OFF 3 ON for 2 coins to equal 1 credit (not set to OFF OFF OFF right?)

        JAMMA pin 16 bottom side (or Pin T as its referred to in the manual) = Coin up 2
        This wire I imagine would be going to the Normally open pin on the micro switch on your $1 coin mech
        Dip switch A would be 4 OFF 5 ON 6 OFF for 1 coin to equal 3 credits right?

        In terms of the wiring on those two mechs - looks a bit spaghetti with a mix of different coloured wires and joiner plugs/chopped wires, etc.
        Looking from behind, it looks as though:

        Left side one from rear/right side from front:
        Assuming this is your $1 mech
        Microswitch has one wire on normally open (yellow) going back to the main harness - confirm where its going
        Has a green wire which i assume is ground on the common pin of the microswitch.This pin also has a red wire daisy chaining across to other mech - see below.

        Right side one from rear / left side from front:
        Assuming this is your 20c mech
        Microswitch has an orange wire from main harness (where is it going to in the main harness?) going to the 'common' part of the microswitch.
        Whilst this is 'technically' in the wrong spot on the microswitch, it would still work to make a circuit with whatever is connected to Normally open pin, when the button is activated.
        It also has a black wire on the same pin which is connected to a green wire (joiner) which is cut off and doing nothing, which is fine. I assume this was a ground at some point and was chopped, as that pin was no longer being used for ground function. To avoid confusion, maybe just cut that extra unused wire off.
        The normally open pin has a red wire, which appears to be the ground wire daisying from the 'common' ground from the other mech. Again 'technically' in the wrong spot, but should still function.
        In short - the microswitch has one ground and one trigger on each pin.

        The free play switch is just taking one wire of each from the 20c mech. When you press this button, it should replicate the same thing as putting a coin into that slot I would think. Does this happen? i.e. pressing once does 1 credit, instead of needing to press it twice for one credit?

        Admittedly, I'm more familiar with the functions of more modern programmable coin mechs + credit boards.
        One thing I can't answer, is whether these 2 coin mechs in use are simply:
        - put in whatever coin fits, and this will simply trigger that microswitch attached to it, and send a 1:1 signal each time
        - are these coin mechs configurable to do otherwise... Maybe someone can give some info on this


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          Strange thing happened today - I checked the path of the wires and it was running as expected. I powered the machine up and lo-and-behold, the bloody thing works as intended! Not sure if jiggling wires somehow mad a difference, but it's definitely taking two 20c coins in the left slot to get a credit (makes a sound for first coin but no credit displayed) then second coin leads to the "credit: 1" display. A single $1 coin in the right hand slot gives 3 credits.

          So now that I'm happy with all that, I'm going away for a little bit, then will strip out the chassis so Joey at Jomac can work his magic on it.

          After that I'm going to source a second PCB just so I can have an alternative in this cab. I can't make up my mind between Ghosts'n Goblins or Raiden.... thoughts guys?

          I'd like to emphasise my appreciation for all your help mrjamma. Without you this machine wouldn't be what it now is, so thanks mate!



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            Welcome. I dont think Raiden would suit if intending to continue using street fighter, as its a north-south game (monitor would need rotating)


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              That's what I was afraid of. I guess I'll have to find another cab with rotated monitor for shmups

              In the future I'll try to fabricate a replica of this LAI lowboy and stick my MAME setup in it. I don't like the full-sized cab it currently resides in...


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