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MGLXXXVII - Timeout no.3 - Netherworld Barcade presents KONG OFF 2

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  • MGLXXXVII - Timeout no.3 - Netherworld Barcade presents KONG OFF 2

    On Saturday and Sunday this week, Netherworld Barcade will present the 2nd edition of the Australian Kong Off. Richie Knucklez will be flying out from America to compete as well as several other gamers. The line up from Australia is awesome and this is going to be a great tournament. I hope some of you can actually get out there and those who cannot have a look on the NW Twitch channel ...

    Phil Day, the former Galaga World Champion, will provide commentary during the event and I will be on the "show" tomorrow at around 10am Brisbane time (7pm EST for you folks in America). I hope you can join me for the event at that time and also watch and enjoy the rest of the competition. James Angliss [MENTION=14107]Jimmy Nails[/MENTION] and Benjamin Nichols from Netherworld have done a tremendous job in making Netherworld one of the best barcades in the world. I visited their place some time ago and I provided a full report on the experience, which was great ...


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    It was great to be part of the Australian Kong Off 2 broadcast yesterday morning. And that was only Day 1, where the final 16 competitors were determined. Today it's Day 2 and the playoffs. Check all the action at Netherworld, and if you can't make it there, pop into their Twitch feed right now for LIVE game play ...

    Who will be the Champion? Watch it to find out!

    The playoffs for round 2 ...
    1. Ethan Daniels vs 16. Paul Falcone
    2. Allen Staal vs 15. Ky Staal
    3. Johnny Bonde vs 14. Sean Tagg
    4. Shane Sawle vs 13. Greg Pell
    5. Estel Goffinet vs 12. Shaun Ruhland
    6. Andrew Barrow vs 11. Richie Knucklez
    7. John McNeill vs 10. Michael Kibbey
    8. Jay Mac vs 9. Matt Tecchio

    Johnny Bonde, Sean Tagg, Shane Sawle, Greg Pell, Andrew Barrow and John McNeill are all gamers of the MGL, and I wish them all the best in their play-offs today!
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