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MGLXXXVII - Timeout no.2 - Bob Johnson's podcast reviews BurgerTime arcade

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  • MGLXXXVII - Timeout no.2 - Bob Johnson's podcast reviews BurgerTime arcade

    Flash IV at AA posted an excellent podcast on the arcade video game BurgerTime. For all you gamers that like gaming design, detail, marketing, and the secrets behind this everlasting game, pop over like Wimpy for a burger of interest and fun ...

    Maybe [MENTION=9967]RMacauley[/MENTION] and [MENTION=15686]bigredbird[/MENTION] can provide some feedback if they know all this stuff already. What Bob has put together as information and detail is very extensive.
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    Great podcast Bob [MENTION=17947]Flash IV[/MENTION]

    I found it very interesting and I like the great detail you went to in your research.

    I have played this game a lot and I still didn't know exactly what triggered the pepper prize to come out. As you mentioned in your podcast, it varies greatly for each level and this is important info to know if you are going for a high score. My PB is just over 1.1 million on this game and it always ends on the same level because I simply don't have enough pepper at the beginning of the stage. I am going to listen again to your podcast and make a note of what is required for each level to trigger the pepper prize and keep it aside for if I ever decide to have a crack at this game again. That info is valuable to have for developing strategies for survival in later rounds.

    I have mentioned on here before that when I first got into MAME that this was one of the first games I searched for but could not find. I played this a lot in my youth in the arcades and I have a very clear memory of the game being called "Hamburger" rather than "BurgerTime". Perhaps one of the Japanese cabinets made its way here.

    Thanks for the podcast. Great job.
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      Thank you bigredbird. I hope to bring the same level of detail to all future games. Some may not have as much information or details as BurgerTime, but I will dig up all there is!

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