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MGL 34 - Game 1 ~ Pac-Mania (closes 26-Nov)



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    272.060 - Round 5

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      Hi Everyone,

      Score submissions for Game 1 - Pac-Mania is now closed. The final scoreboard will be posted shortly.

      MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner - on now!


        The MGL is growing! Alot more scores to tally.


          Day 17 of 17 ...

          The final scoreboard is as follows ...

          Barra, JasonV91, DaLar, redelf, magrinder, QAOP Spaceman, creech, fok999, camaro and kane took out 2nd to 10th place respectively on an excellent variation to Pac-Man. Scoring from 410K down to 283K, these gamers played at a very high level for their scores.

          Then the next group also did well in RMacauley, bigredbird, Fliplismc, Pessimeister, SectionZ, Fordy, gadzooks, RichyS, Bishop, Fire_Power and slade23, scoring from 280K down to 214K. Getting used to a jumping Pac-Man and a ghost that can match that jump is not so easy. Well done.

          However one gamer played at an exceptional level, and scored a new world record of 1.5134 million points.

          Congratulations Jimmy Linderman for winning Game 1. It seems you are the world no.1 on this game. Outstanding game play!

          Super Bagman and Spiders are both currently in play, Game 3 and Game 4. This is the toughest MGL of the set of 4 that make up the 1st ever CAG World Championship.
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          MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner - on now!


            Originally posted by DKong View Post
            Jump man jump!!!

            Whoops wrong game, really like this incarnation of PacMan probably the best update of the familiar game although jumping, I always forget and its to late!!

            Glad to back playing some MGL hopefully get in a full season.

            Missed you guys!![ATTACH=CONFIG]119931[/ATTACH]
            Welcome home DKong
            Winter is here and I'm still riding more than gaming, my current goal = 100,000 meters elevation gain for the year - well ahead so far


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