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MGL - XI Game 12 (Final Game) : New Rally X

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    Just played that clip of Radar Rat Race, my God that music would seriously do your head in!

    The Vic20 was a great machine though, C64/128, Amiga, how did it come so badly unstuck for Commodore ? They were miles ahead of their time


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      Loved my old c64, first home gaming system for me but in the end did commodore get stuck in the middle? Apple and IBM started doing better PC's and the instantness of cartridges made the sega and nintendo game systems so much cooler for just gaming .


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        We had a wood-look Atari 2600 - ultimate cool of the day. We then moved on to a C64 and A500 not long after. Totally skipped the Nintendo and Sega generations until the N64. Don't forget the C64 did have a cartridge slot but wasn't used much once the tape drive came in. I remember playing Wizard of Wor for hours on end on the cartridge.


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          I remember getting up at night just after we got a C64 for christmas and catching my mum and dad playing wizard of Wor, still one of my mum's favourite games . I never had an Atari but one of my friends did and his dad had a Pc of some sort, I remember it had a NBA game and all those classic Sierra quest and lesuire suit larry games.


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            Originally posted by Jammasized View Post
            Just played that clip of Radar Rat Race, my God that music would seriously do your head in!

            It reminds me how tolerant my Mother was....much more than I am right now with Mr 7yrs grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
            Winter is here and I'm still riding more than gaming, my current goal = 100,000 meters elevation gain for the year - well ahead so far


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              Well that's me done for the tourny. I'm happy enough with 182k for this one but won't be suprised if the winning score is much much higher, it seems like a very learnable game.

              Had a lot of fun playing in the MGL so thanks everyone especially DK for running it. Time to go tick off a few things from the to do list before the next MGL starts .


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                Well that's it for me, Sea Scouts with the young'n tonight so no last minute efforts, hopefully the 219k stands up.

                Been a great MGL once again, kudo's to DK, just spewing I missed Slapfight & that Mat Mania didn't come up. There were certainly some top shelf classics this time around with the like of Mr Do, New Raly X, Galaxian, Choplifter, Gun Smoke & Lady Bug. When does MGL XII start


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                  MGL - XI
                  Game 12 Results

                  Game 12 And MGL XI are officially over

                  Thanks to those who participated and submitted scores, well done to Ramere for setting a new MGL hi-score of 219,450 and winning the Rally X Trophy

                  Results for Game 12: New Rally X

                  1. Ramere 219,450
                  25 points

                  2. Taverner 182,280
                  20 points

                  3. cartman.tmw
                  16 points

                  4. Rat 168,290
                  13 points

                  5. Foot 131,180
                  11 points

                  6. kane 119,470
                  10 points

                  7. Jammasized
                  9 points

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