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MGL - XI Game 9 : Traverse USA

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    Nice suprise to make it to 1200cc, for some reason I thought they'd be a 1000cc level. Got caught out by the jump in speed but and crashed out on the second level.

    Like the game and might be a touch sadistic cause I liked the music too gets kind of hypnotising though, after a while playing it on the cab it felt like tetris, just watching everything falling down the screen.
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      not a good score by any stretch of the imagination but completly forgot to play this game lucky we got a extention
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        MGL - XI
        Game 9 Results

        Game 9 is officially over

        Thanks to those who participated and submitted scores, well done to Jammasized for setting a new MGL hi-score of 195,300

        Results for Game 9: Traverse USA

        1. Jammasized 195,300
        25 points

        2. SectionZ 191,900
        20 points

        3. MonoJoker 176,600
        16 points

        4. Taverner 142,500
        13 points

        5. Rat 138,600
        11 points

        6. Foot 135,400
        10 points

        7. kane 112,200
        9 points

        8. cartman.tmw 103,400
        8 points

        9. Ramere 100,200
        7 points

        10. wingtipvortex 55,00
        6 points

        11. oldschool64 25,200
        5 points

        Leaderboard has been updated


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          Originally posted by MonoJoker View Post
          Awesome score Jammasized, you've done me in A well earned win and you've answered the question about what comes after 1200cc...

          Thanks Monojoker, must admit this game I played more of, than any other one so far this MGL. SectionZ and your scores not only spurred me on, but made me have to try a new strategy in the 1200cc section - IE memorising where the petrol cans are it really helped in having enough juice to get through the 1200cc.


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            Even with the extra time, I didn't get my score in.

            44,000 for the record


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              Originally posted by gameroom View Post
              Even with the extra time, I didn't get my score in.

              44,000 for the record
              With all the shuffling about I did last week I forgot to post one of my own


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