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    I enjoyed my first MGL.

    Even though I am shit at most of the games, it's really good to find out how shit I really am


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      Well done Rat, a well deserved win

      Didn't get a chance to play this game again since mid last week, been enjoyin the sun, sand and surf of far northern NSW and QLD too much Looking at the final results tonight, don't reckon I would have got near those big top scores on this game to make a diff anyway... I'm happy with a podium

      Had a ball again this MGL, and played a lot of new games as well as some old faves. Thanks Dkong for running anoher great comp.

      From talking to Dkong I think there will now be a break until another MGL, but there will be another Mame comp starting up over at the xxxx-1-com site in about a month or so. It will be a 'Golden Era' comp 1979-1983 games only, if anyone is keen PM me and I'll let you know when it's calling for nominations.


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        Congrats Rat.

        Unfortunately I could not participate as much I would have liked this MGL due to lack of time/work, but I really enjoyed trying all the games and playing some stuff I've never tried before.

        Thanks for DKong for putting it on and I'll try to be a bit more active next MGL!


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          A very tough tourney this time around, a lot of massive scores came out, well done to all participant.

          My favourite game would have been Galaxian. Also liked Pandora's, Choplifter and Mr Do!.


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            Fellow keen MGL'ers

            To fill the void until there's another MGL, over at the site (a site dedicated to modding cabs) Tournament 4 is now calling for nominations.

            The format will be Classic Era games only, 1979-1983.

            Site is here:

            Hope to see you over there



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