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    Originally posted by @lien_Zed View Post
    its all good... have a few beers and it will al make a lot more sense to you then
    I agree, people talking crap always seem to make more sense after a few

    Tsonga to beat crybaby federer then go on to win!


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      Originally posted by wingtipvortex View Post
      I can think of one that wasn,t Its all good to make these comments, but no one seems to have the kahunas to make it public......except one or two.
      Sorry I have no idea who you're on about I just think the whole idea of cheating in a tournament like this is so lame I'm taking the piss. I know it can be frustrating if you KNOW someone is ripping us all off but really, they're just not worth it - are they?

      Sorry, I've had a few tonight and maybe I'm too facetious but meh, we're not playing for sheep stations or anything and with most games it's so obvious when somebody is cheating no comment should even be made just post the scores ignoring the cheat - surely?

      Who put Midori in my CC & Dry FFS?!?!?!?


      Originally posted by Jammasized View Post
      I agree, people talking crap always seem to make more sense after a few

      Tsonga to beat crybaby federer then go on to win!
      Fed Ex will waste all in his path from here on. There were 2 who could smoke him and they're GONE - Rafa/Djoke-a-vich I'm no fan of Roger but why is he a ?

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        Better than nothing......

        This will be my last score post for a couple of weeks, i'm off to bali... (mame cab to hard to pack)

        I hope wonderboy doesn't come up while i'm gone..... see you in a few weeks guys.


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          Geez, Xevious almost over and only three scores posted... Unless there's a last day avalanche of scores coming...
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            Didn't get much chance to play this week, too busy upgrading my Mame cab PC. (p3 600 -> p4 3Ghz)

            Edit: got a few more games in managed 100k
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              Originally posted by SectionZ View Post
              Didn't get much chance to play this week, too busy upgrading my Mame cab PC. (p3 600 -> p4 3Ghz)
              nice one

              would shall see a nice improvement on the quality of the game play now

              anything more then 3 Ghz is probably a waste

              i have a P4 HT 3Ghz setup in my mame cab

              everything runs nicely on it

              anyhow...back on topic
              rc forums looking for cabinet pc atx power supply for 12/5 volt for mame cabinet and turn it on
              if your new to electronics and


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                I lived with a crappy celeron in my mame cab for ages, and it was fine for most games pre '85. Upgraded to a 2.8 p4 just so i could play NBA JAM without slowdown.

                The P4 is handy for neogeo and some of the other more modern arcade games like....hmmmm.....can't think of any worth playing


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                    Had a couple of games this afternoon, 110,000 then 138,000 then 164,870
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                      Was a bit slack this week didn't spend much time on the cabinet, too many projects on I think.
                      I'm in the middle of a mame cabinet rebuild aswell, should be done in about a week. This one is a lot more wrist-friendly so should be better on shooters, and I'll be able to swap 4-way 8-way which will finally relieve me of my Donkey Kong frustrations.


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                        All i could manage this time, got higher before but no dice this time i like this game
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                          MGL - X
                          Game 6 Results

                          Game 6 is officially over

                          Thanks to those who participated and submitted scores

                          Results for Game 6: Xevious

                          1. DKong 164,870
                          25 points

                          2. Rat 149,500
                          20 points

                          3. Jammasized 131,330
                          16 points

                          4. shabu 108,270
                          13 points

                          5. SectionZ 106,940
                          11 points

                          6. kane 100,270
                          10 points

                          7. Wingtipvortex 77,540
                          9 points

                          8. MamePatrol 37,540
                          8 points

                          Leaderboard has been updated


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                            Arh crap, forgot
                            "Beer, it does a belly good!"

                            Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!


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                              Originally posted by Foot View Post
                              Arh crap, forgot

                              Can add it in if you like, feeling generous tonight


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                                Crap, I missed this one as well :-(

                                No need to wait DK - it's not like I've spent any time on it thus far.


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