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MGL - T9 Game 3: Asteroids Deluxe

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  • MGL - T9 Game 3: Asteroids Deluxe

    Game 3: Asteroids Deluxe
    Rom: astdelux

    Randomly selected from the MGL 9 game list

    No current high score for this game

    Manufacturer: Atari
    Year: 1980
    Class: Wide Release
    Genre: Space
    Type: Videogame

    Orientation: Horizontal
    Type: Vector
    CRT: Black and White with a Color Overlay
    19-inch Electrohome G05-802/805
    Conversion Class: unique
    Number of Simultaneous Players: 1
    Maximum number of Players: 2
    Gameplay: Alternating
    Control Panel Layout: Single Player
    Buttons: Rotational (left, right)
    Buttons: 3
    Sound: Unamplified Mono (requires one-channel amp)

    Pilot a spaceship equipped with shields and auto-fire as you blast through level after level of rotating asteroids. UFOs and multi-segmented Killer Satellites take chase, searching for an opportunity to destroy your ship.

    Asteroids Deluxe features modified gameplay intentionally designed to challenge players who had mastered the original Asteroids. Hyperspace was replaced with a new option called "shields", which creates a protective barrier around the players' ship. This barrier is only effective when the button is depressed and held (unlike hyperspace), and depletes with use (also unlike hyperspace). The players' ship was redesigned to include two side fins and a narrower body, keeping the overall ship dimensions identical to the original game. The ship has the same maximum velocity as in Asteroids, but can accelerate twice as fast. Firing is automatic, holding down the fire button will release a maximum of four shots (on screen) at a time. The asteroids themselves rotate as they travel about the screen. Firing accuracy of the two saucers was improved, and the saucers shoot both "wrap-around" shots and shoot immediately upon entering the screen (both features designed to discourage UFO hunting). Atari added extra challenge to the game by introducing the "Killer Satellite" or "Hexagon", a snowflake-like object which breaks into three ship-chasing "Diamonds" once hit. Each diamond in turn can break into two "Sharks" or "Wedges" (they resemble the dorsal fin of a shark) which also pursue the players' ship. Overall a much more difficult game than the original Asteroids.(

    Games are picked through a random generator from the list compiled in the MGL 9 thread. To have your games included in the pick you need to submit a score. You can add to this list at any time.
    Remember to make your score valid you need to post your score in the subject line and don't forget your screen shot, any troubles let me know.
    Mid week bonus of 10 MGL points are awarded to the highest submitted score as at Midnight Wednesday. The highest submitted score at the end of the MGL week will receive 100 MGL points.

    Your scores need to be in by next Monday 17th of August BY 8PM (NSW daylight savings time).
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    Lets get the ball rolling!
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      Hey at least its a start.

      Played normal asteroids before but not the deluxe version.
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        Good timing with this one. I believe that there might be an Asteroids Deluxe at the Mega Meat this weekend
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          was never any good at this game (asteroids in general), should be interesting to get into it 'competitively' (so to speak)
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            After getting used to it I actually prefer this version to the original. The shield is fairer than hyperspace.
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              Originally posted by Foot View Post
              Good timing with this one. I believe that there might be an Asteroids Deluxe at the Mega Meat this weekend
              We might get some scores from the Mega meet, better get the camera ready Foot.


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                I am so uncoordinated with this game, I'm floating all over the place.
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                  So satisfying blowing up asteroids, great sounds to with the bass cranked
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                    Originally posted by DKong View Post
                    So satisfying blowing up asteroids, great sounds to with the bass cranked
                    Asteroids is the claytons Space Invaders when it comes to audio, "The Game Your Playing, When Your Not Playing Space Invaders"


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                      Thrust vectoring is the key to this And a "quick trigger finger"
                      I agree Rat, shield is way better than hyperspace, at least you know where your at!
                      Ill post a pic soon, having trouble with bmp for some high a resolution it says????
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                        Never played this before, it feels like it too... it does seem easier to score than the 'real' asteroids though and is less of a bore. More effort required I can see looking at past Asteroids tourneys

                        Though vector games are a soft spot...Space Wars being my favourite two player video game of all time

                        EDIT: Score update. Inching forward, want that 50k...
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                          my fav is Major Havoc, will hava go at asteroids later tonight
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                            Always a good game .. shame im not too good at it


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                              Midweek points go to Rat 39,050
                              Remember to make your score valid a screenshot is needed


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