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MGL 29 - Game 6 ~ Solomon's Key ~ [FINISHED]

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    160080 JR_OutRun86 he's cracked it [emoji50]


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      Click image for larger version

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      probably my last game...


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        Token score. Used to play this a lot years ago but forgot pretty much everything
        A great game with a ton of replay value.


        Click image for larger version

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          I hope I'm not to late.
          Day light savings time caught me out again.
          Plus it was race day, so I didn't play at all today.
          This score was from a week ago.
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            It's 7pm on Sunday 9-October-2016. Score submissions for Game 6 Solomon’s Key is now closed.

            The final scoreboard standings are below ...

            Wow, thejudge scores 1.224 million for a brilliant 2nd place and just misses out on 1st place, CWK chants respectfully for 746K and Spartan scores half a million and more to show he knows his sorcery.

            However the chosen one plays like a wizard … and masters the magic … with a powerful spell at 1.297 million …

            Congratulations to kane for winning game 6 …

            1943 at Midway and Arabian are currently in play, Games 7 and 8 …

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              Well done Kane this was a great game

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                Originally posted by OOO View Post
                WOW ... I must say ...that's ... ... and Round 30 as well ... great stuff kane!

                2 days to go ... will it go even higher ... thejudge?

                - - - Updated - - -

                Is that you Mr Stephen Galaga Krogman?
                If it is, why the SMK, instead of smkrogman? Is it the arcade initials that have caught fire?
                Yea I like to flip back and forth. Reminds me of the days when these letters were all over games I used to play in arcades back in the day. And a few today whenever I can get over to an arcade or 2 to play some.



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                  [MENTION=9067]OOO[/MENTION] - my crap score of 9,120 appears to be missing from the scoreboard.

                  Meant to find time to play this again, but it didn't happen - doubt I'll get time to play any of the final games unfortunately as I'm getting flogged with work and still not making any money doing so


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                    I'm glad I got a few scores up on this one and I'll likely try to play this one again.
                    It's a very different game once you actually know the puzzle you're trying to solve. I can rip through the first 3 levels now but I'm still experimenting after the bonus round.
                    Oh well at least 1943 is a little easier to pick up and I have yet to load Arabian so I'll probably just get a score posted for that one first then go back to 1943!!

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                      Originally posted by John73 View Post
                      [MENTION=9067]OOO[/MENTION] - my crap score of 9,120 appears to be missing from the scoreboard.
                      Sorry about that chief ... ... I fixed it ...

                      I hope things improve at work for you too!

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