VPGL 15 - Post Pass - Rules

Hi Pinballers,

Welcome to arcade gaming competition with VPGL 15. This tournament is the 3rd of the new decade and part of the overall VPGL 2020 and all gamers worldwide are welcome to play. You can join in at any time and play.

The player with the most points...

MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner - RULES

Hi Gamers,

Welcome to arcade gaming with MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner. This is the second tournament of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF ESPORTS for 2020. All gamers worldwide are welcome to game. You can also join in at any time.

Please watch the trailer below for the official...

Gottlieb Sea Belles August 1956

gottlieb sea belles 1956

so, how many years does it make her?

bill picking up a project in the next few days, a very dirty, neglected old 50s woody.

so good these are still out there, though very rare now.

lets start with the new playfield plastics...

Announcement: Western Australia set to have its very own Pinball Festival

Hi folks!

We’d like to share some exciting news with you all…

Western Australia is set to have its very own Pinball Festival 😊

With Western Australia starting to ease restrictions from tomorrow, we thought what better time to announce plans for a pinball festival...

Monster Bash...Classic Edition

Finally after a couple of months ploughing through our house extensions, I'm back in my favourite room of the house!

Next in line is my custom Monsterbash I've been planning for a long time. Paying hommage to the 1950s Universal monsters going with a black and white theme and lots of custom...

How game board components work

This will be a series of posts on how specific components work on a game board. Its purpose is to help you understand how the circuitry works. Feel free to add to the series if there's a topic you want to cover.

First up: Reset!

You'll typically see the signal defined as RESET...


No announcement yet.

MGL 27 - Get your nominations in now

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  • MGL 27 - Get your nominations in now

    MGL 27 will kick off Thursday 17th March, and 6:30pm AEST (or whenever I get the post up if I'm late home from work )

    Thanks for all the input in the call for ideas thread. What we are going with for this MGL for a bit of change up is this....

    Scoring System - 25 for 1st place, 24 for 2nd place right down to 1 for 25th place. If we have 26 or more people, then you are plumb out of luck if you can't crack the top 25. I doubt we've ever had 26 or more people participate in one game.

    We're going go give the nomination process outlined by [MENTION=269]Foot[/MENTION] a go - because it's a little different and I like the ideas more or less. We'll see how it plays out, if everyone likes it then I'm happy to take credit. If it proves unpopular then I'll find out Foot's postal address so you can send hate mail and dog poo through the post to him.

    So for the nominations......

    1. 1 Wild card game will be played for the entire MGL. The winner of the wild card will get a bonus 5 points - so 30 for the win. The wild card game will be the most popular game as voted on by everyone. Please do not nominate wild card games in this thread, please PM them too me. You can nominate up to 3 games for the wild card and they can also be the same as you nominate for the regular competition. Repeat - Do not publicly nominate your wild card games here - we don't want collusion.

    2. Nominate 3 more game publicly in here. When nominations close (Tue 15th March 6:30pm AEST) 4 games will be chosen at random from this list. Game 1 will be played week 1 (the start), game 2 will be played week 3 etc.

    3. Nominate 2 genre of game to played. You can nominate these publicly as the game played will be random, so collude away with others should you wish. The genres are:

    Ball & Paddle
    Shooter - Vert
    Shooter - Hori

    If you need to find a game or want to see what is classed in what genre, then head here: Archive of every game emulated by MAME - mamedb.com

    For the week 2 game, week 4 game etc. a random game from the most popular genres will be selected.

    I think that is clear as mud. PM me or leave a message here if you have any questions. My brain hurts after typing that, time for a bex and a good lie down. Nominate away people.

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    Forgot to mention the usual stuff for those that might be new.....

    Game must be playable using a joystick (2, 4 or 8 way) with 3 buttons max. If you nominate racing as your genre, games which use dedicated controls such as analog steering wheels are out of the running. If you choose breakout games, games which require a dedicated spinner are out - even though mouse can be used, it's not the same thing.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Oops, one more thing - the games from the last 4 MGLs are out - so don't nominate any of these....

    Astro Invaders
    Congo Bongo
    Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong Jr
    Exed Exes
    Lode Runner
    Ghouls & Ghosts
    Gradius III
    Green Beret
    Hyper Olympic
    In The Hunt
    Mr Do!
    Mr Do's Castle
    Ms Pacman
    R-Type Leo
    Roc 'n Rope
    Space Duel
    Super Pac-Man
    Wizard of Wor


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      My nominations:
      Hat Trick Hero 93 (Clone of Taito Cup Finals)
      Exciting Hour (clone of Mat Mania)
      Ring King



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        If Nibbler is out, why is it in the MGL 27 banner graphic?


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          Originally posted by CrazyKongFan View Post
          If Nibbler is out, why is it in the MGL 27 banner graphic?
          It isn't the first time a game that can't be nominated is in the graphic. The graphics are done before the competition so they can't reflect what is in them. I can understand that you probably think, well why are games that aren't allowed to be in that particular MGL on the banner for that MGL, but does it really matter?


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            Nom Noms

            Mat Mania (US export version of Exciting hour with spelling errors fixed)
            Sea Fighter Poseidon
            Bank Panic

            Shooter - Hori


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              Mat Mania



              If I remember I'll send you a wild card game when I get back from NZ. (I'm open to bribes Barra)


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                I only said Exciting Hour instead of Mat Mania as that is what was at the corner shop near my school and Exciting Hour had Insane Warrior but (the version of) Mat Mania (I've seen) has Insane Worrier.


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                  Mario bros
                  Star Force
                  Super Pang (Tour mode)


                  Maze - Trog

                  My stream - http://www.twitch.tv/barranz - Pop in and say hello!


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                    Remember everyone, in the genre category you can nominate two genre's that you wish to play. Just doing this so that we hopefully get an outright 1st to 4th of genre's that we want played and not a whole heap of tied votes meaning I have to randomly choose.

                    Also remember, the 3 games you nominate here will be chosen from randomly. If someone has already picked that game, then you are forfeiting one of your votes - of course you are well within your rights to do that - it means the game in theory has more chance of being randomly picked. However we do have 3 votes for (inc clones) Mat Mania. This doesn't mean it has 3 times more chances of being picked if that makes sense. If there are 50 games nominate, then Mat Mania has a chance at being one of the 4 games picked the same as a game that only one person nominated.


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                      Originally posted by JustAnotherRat View Post
                      I only said Exciting Hour instead of Mat Mania as that is what was at the corner shop near my school and Exciting Hour had Insane Warrior but (the version of) Mat Mania (I've seen) has Insane Worrier.
                      I thought it was the other way around with the spelling, yeah exciting hour was the one i used to come across too.

                      from memory does one of them have a different cycle of opponents ? or only 3 of them after the title match or something ? ... will go play test been wanting to play it for ages anyway ..

                      anyway as its a random pick from our noms, perhaps both can come up this way

                      oh , is ring king the one with bomba yern (cuba) ? , been trying to remember this little boxing game.


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                        Originally posted by Batfink View Post
                        from memory does one of them have a different cycle of opponents ?

                        oh , is ring king the one with bomba yern (cuba) ? , been trying to remember this little boxing game.
                        I think they both have the same opponents until you the title and then the order is different

                        This is Ring King.


                        I actually know very little about this game but remember playing it at a bowling alley once.


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                          Originally posted by JustAnotherRat View Post
                          This is Ring King.
                          Ahh excellent been trying to remember that game, it took my money then beat me up all the time, i knew it as king of boxer, same game tho.


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                            balloon fight
                            jr pacman turbo


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                              Okay I'm in this time.

                              Metal Slug
                              J. J. Squawkers



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