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    Noob question here, we can just use a rom for this right?
    "It's all in the reflexes"


      Hi Garrethking welcome to the MGL there is a FAQ here have a read and then feel free to ask for any clarifications. Some things in it have changed slightly such as when the games start and finish eg the comp structure but that guide should give you a good start at understanding what we are doing. Basically we are all classic gaming fans who like to share our love of the games with like minded players and have some friendly competition. Some of us are very competitive and great players and some of us are here just to have a casual bash and share the experience with someone who cares. Enjoy

      To answer your first question, Yes.
      Winter is here and I'm still riding more than gaming, my current goal = 100,000 meters elevation gain for the year - well ahead so far


        Hi [MENTION=16810]garrethking[/MENTION] - yep read what Rat has suggested and just hook in and play. We're gentle on newbies Games still running for this MGL 26 are Xevious and Mr Do! - read the first post in the thread for each game to see the dip switch settings, play and post a screenshot of your score and join in the banter. Don't be intimidated by the gun players - we have a broad range of abilities, world record holders (seriously!) down to those of us who struggle to tie our own shoelaces (not quite so seriously!), check the latter posts in the game threads to see the spread, and all are welcome. Hope you can join in.


          Mr. Do strategy and tips

          I have played this game a lot. I realised when I was writing this guide just how much time I have put into this game. This is everything I know about it. I’m happy to share this with you all and hope you can get some extra enjoyment and score out of the game using some of these tips and knowledge.
          Looking forward to seeing some big scores!


          There are ten different levels in Mr. Do and each of those levels has four different configurations. The starting dug out tunnels stay the same for each of the different levels but there are four different ways your six starting apples can be positioned.
          You play the levels one through ten and then they repeat in different colours.
          It is not possible to have a fixed pattern for every level because even though the layouts are easy to learn, the monsters will sometimes immediately change to diggers requiring you to change your plan of attack.

          One of the great things about Mr. Do is the multiple ways you can finish a level.
          A level can be cleared by eating all the cherries, killing all the monsters, spelling the word EXTRA or collecting a diamond.

          CHERRIES METHOD - Easy to do on the early levels but very low scoring. On higher levels it is a good last resort if you are under pressure from enemies and they are only a few cherries left to collect.

          KILLING METHOD - Kill all monsters and diggers. Even if there are munchers and alpha monsters on the screen the level will end when you kill the last monster or digger.
          If you have collected the centre prize and released the munchers and alpha monster on a very dug out messy screen it is sometimes best to just run away from the munchers and just kill the last monster and move on to the next screen.

          EXTRA METHOD - The best method! Kill the last letter highlighted in the extra box and the level will end immediately and take you to the extra screen.

          DIAMOND METHOD - I used to think these were ultra rare and had moments of great excitement when a diamond appeared with that sweet, sweet tingling sound but I play it so much now I see a lot of them!
          A diamond will appear at random from an apple that has fallen and cracked open.
          Don't be tempted to run for the diamond immediately as there are often many more points to be collected by playing the level normally.
          The diamond only stays on screen for a short time but depending on when it appears sometimes you can still get the centre prize, an alpha monster and then the diamond.
          I like to yell loudly "Yes! A once in a lifetime opportunity" each and every time a get a diamond because I enjoy the look on my wife and kids face that says I'm either a moron or that I do not really understand what once in a lifetime means. Whatever, it's part of the game now...


          Monsters are red and hatch from the hive (I call it a hive, you can call it home, the generator, the hatch point or whatever you want) in the middle of the screen.
          Monsters can only travel through tunnels before becoming aggressive and turning into diggers.

          Diggers are monsters that have turned aggressive. They change colour just before they begin to dig. Diggers travel through dirt and take a fairly direct, predictable path to you. The higher the level, the more predictable they become.

          Munchers appear when you collect the centre prize on any level.
          Munchers will only use tunnels, they will never dig in dirt and they will eat any apple that is laying in their path in a tunnel. These guys start as a team of three and act as protection for the alpha monster. They travel in front of the alpha monster and move quickly and are very efficient at finding and catching you.
          When you kill a muncher with your ball it will turn into an apple. Any munchers following will eat that apple.
          If you kill one muncher the other two, as well as the alpha monster, will continue to pursue you. If you kill a second muncher the third will continue to pursue you but the alpha monster changes into survival mode and will turn and run the other way, often hanging around near the EXTRA box at the top of the screen ready to run home if you kill the last muncher. If you get your timing right you can kill the second muncher at the time of your choosing causing them to split up and guide the alpha monster to where you can make an easy kill.
          It is far better (points wise) to kill all the munchers and alpha monster in one move with an apple rather than using your ball (see OFF SETTING APPLES).

          Alpha monsters appear on their own every 5000 points and also appear protected by munchers when you collect the centre prize.
          Alpha monsters will only use tunnels, they will never dig in dirt but they will eat any apple that is laying in their path in a tunnel.
          All the letters have the same behaviour but for reasons I have forgotten I hate the T more than any other letter.


          You move slightly faster through the pre-dug tunnels than through the dirt but depending on what kind of monster is chasing you will need to choose where you need to be.
          Monsters will chase and catch you in the pre-dug tunnels. If you don't have your ball and a monster is closing in fast you will need to find some dirt quickly. In the low levels (up to around level 20) they will still catch you if you are running in dirt but when they are right on your tail they will change into diggers giving you a second to get away and either turn and throw your ball or find an apple to run under.
          In the higher levels the monsters will chase and run you down in the dirt, but this can be avoided. This takes some practice but you can make them change into diggers by stopping in the dirt just before they catch you and when they are right on your heels start running again. This even works using the thin 'walls' of dirt that are left over in between tunnels. This method of stop-starting is essential for survival in the higher levels if you don't have your ball and the monsters are aggressive.

          The munchers and alpha monster behave differently to the diggers. Ideally you won't have them chasing you through the tunnels (see OFF SETTING APPLES) but if you do you will need to stick to the 'original' pre-dug tunnels. These guys will catch you every time in dirt, they stick right on your heels and take you down when you make a turn.
          Rule 1 when dealing with munchers and alpha monsters - keep out of dirt, you will die.
          Rule 2 - read Rule 1.
          If you haven’t followed my instructions (see OFF SETTING APPLES) and made a nice neat kill then the only way to survive is continue running around the tunnels they were already dug out at the beginning of the level, don't use your own dug out tunnels, they will catch you when you turn.
          In the very low levels (up to around 10) you can do a 'flickback' (a very quick turn back, fire your ball and then turn and keep running) but this does not work on higher levels.
          With three munchers and the alpha monster on you tail things get a bit hectic but they can be picked off one at a time.
          As I have mentioned twice already (it's important!) stick to the 'original' tunnels, not tunnels that you have made. The munchers can be killed on any corner. When you make a turn you get a split second where you get a slight lead as the muncher makes his turn. You will need to do the flickback and kill one muncher on each turn. The timing has to be perfect but this method works at any level of the game.
          In the higher levels (50+) you will need to kill them quickly because the alpha monster sometimes becomes very impatient and finds a burst of speed and overtakes the munchers and will mow you down.


          Eating a cherry 50
          Eating a series of 8 cherries in a row 500 bonus
          Killing a monster with a power ball 500
          Killing 1 monster with an apple 1,000
          Killing 2 monsters with an apple 2,000
          Killing 3 monsters with an apple 4,000
          Killing 4 monsters with an apple 6,000
          Killing 5+ monsters with an apple 8,000
          Collecting a diamond 8,000
          Collecting bonus food Round 1 1000 points – increases by 500 points per round until round 13 then increases by 1000 points every 3 rounds until it reaches a maximum of 8000 points

          POWER BALL

          The power ball is your main weapon and should only be thrown when a kill is certain.
          A random throw into open space can leave you vulnerable with the monsters and diggers keen to pursue you without your weapon.
          After the first throw the power ball returns quickly but takes longer to come back after each throw. This return time resets to quick return when you collect the centre prize and the munchers and alpha monster appear.
          The ball has predictable travel and if you are standing at a tunnel intersection the ball will always travel 'down' from Mr. Do's perspective. Knowing which way the ball will travel is essential for shooting through tunnel walls and maximising extra men in the higher rounds (see DON’T BREAK THE SEAL).


          Apples are Mr.Do's best friend. These are very effective killing devices.
          Apples can be pushed through dirt or tunnels horizontally but not vertically.
          They can be dropped one (apple height) level without breaking.
          Any monster or diggers under a falling apple will be squashed and killed. There are good extra points to be earned with multiple kills under one apple.
          It is possible to run straight up under an apple and then move left or right and let it fall or push it over the edge of an existing tunnel to squash and kill enemies but there are other methods of using apples that are required to survive higher levels (see APPLE SITTING/DOUBLE APPLES)

          CENTRE PRIZE

          The centre prize appears when all the monsters have left the hive. It will award some bonus points and release the munchers and alpha monster.
          Eating the centre prize freezes all monsters and diggers and also resets the ball return time so you will have rapid ball return when killing enemies.
          After you have claimed the centre prize and killed the munchers and alpha monster the frozen monsters and diggers come back to life and move faster than they did previously.
          It is a good idea to kill all but one or two monsters and diggers before eating the centre prize. If you haven't done this it is possible to kill a couple quickly before the munchers and alpha monsters are on your heels.


          A marker moves across the letters EXTRA at the top of the screen. It moves quickly across letters you have already collected and pauses for longer on the letters that you need.
          A letter (alpha monster) will appear every 5000 points or when you collect the centre prize.
          It is vital to keep one eye on your score and ensure the marker is on a letter you need when your score rolls over each 5000. It is worth stalling and avoiding monsters to wait for the right letters.
          When you have one monster left to kill it is worthwhile to do a quick score check and see if it is worthwhile to eat a few cherries before you kill the monster to ensure your score clicks over a 5000 point mark so you start the next level with an alpha monster straight out.
          You should aim to get multiple letters on every level.


          The key to a high score is extra men.
          It should be a priority all game to collect letters by killing alpha monsters at every opportunity.
          You need to be very aware of your score all the time as a letter will appear every 5000 points.
          Up until level ten it is easy to get two or three letters on every level (it is possible to get four but that is tricky!)
          After level 10 it is still reasonably easy to get two every level bit you should be aiming for one as minimum on every level.


          Learning how to offset apples and use them correctly is a very handy skill for Mr. Do to have. It is an easy, efficient way to kill all munchers and an alpha monster with one apple.
          It requires you to move an apple sideways about half an apple width so it no longer lines up with a tunnel if you were to dig straight up to it. Leave it set up that way and continue killing monsters and collect the centre prize.
          When you collect the centre prize and the munchers and alpha monster are in pursuit then get yourself in a position about four or five levels below your set up apple.
          Dig up underneath your off set apple in a zig zag pattern and stop when you are directly underneath your apple. Wait for the munchers and alpha monster to enter your zig zag tunnel and then move from under the apple.
          If done correctly the apple will fall and squash everything in your zig zag tunnel.
          The munchers and alpha monster are unable to eat a falling apple that is not lined up with the original grid.
          It is very efficient and satisfying to kill this way (especially when you kill the letter T. I hate the letter T but that is another story).


          From around level 30 onwards the monsters turn to diggers very quickly. This is a good thing because they also become more predictable.
          The diggers aim is now to get to you as quickly as possible, there is much less of the random digging seen in lower levels.
          You need to get to the top half of the screen, (see TAKE THE HIGH GROUND), and tunnel up next to an apple, turn underneath the apple, turn back quickly and slightly offset the apple and then get on top of the apple and keep pulling down on the joystick (or down arrow for you keyboard cowboys).
          The diggers will tunnel directly under the apple and up toward you, they will dig under the apple and you will get multiple kills.
          The higher the level the better this works as all the monsters turn to diggers quickly and you can quite often kill every monster with one apple drop a few seconds into the level.
          You are best to try and let one monster or digger survive so you can get an alpha monster and then the centre prize and another alpha monster.
          Double stacked apples (vertically) are the best thing ever because you have an extra layer of safety. Go under the lower one as explained above and then sit on top of both. In the higher levels you don’t even need to offset them, just sit on top and kill, kill, kill!


          When you have one monster left on screen you can control their direction (to a degree).
          This works best on high levels with fast moving monsters.
          If you are positioned above the monster it will generally mimic your left/right movements. If you can manoeuvre it so it is lined up below an apple and then hold the joystick straight up (you don't even have to be lined up with the apple yourself) it will usually try and go up because that's what you are doing and will cause its own death by apple.


          The early levels are pretty easy to move around in and develop your preferred pattern but from around level 20 if you stay low (below the hive) you are going to die.
          You need to get to high ground quickly (see RUN AWAY FROM THE HIVE) and use your apple sitting and offset apple skills. The monsters and diggers will hunt you down quickly if you stay low and your ball does not recharge fast enough to continue to kill that way.
          Take my advice, get high!


          Your initial movement on each level is critical for survival. You need to run away from where the monsters are coming through the tunnels toward you.
          For example, on level two the monsters will come out of the hive and go to the left and then along the bottom of the screen. You need to go right and then up through the middle (head for high ground remember) and get yourself set up with apples ready to kill.
          On level three the monster will follow the tunnel to the right and then down. You need to go left and then up to the safety of the apples.
          You may be able to take a couple out if you choose to run toward them but they will soon overpower you when you have no ball.
          Learn which way the monsters start and run the other way.


          This one is important and will really help improve your score when you have perfected it.
          Mr Do can throw his power ball through the thin walls left over from tunnelling through dirt. This is a skill that is required a lot in the higher levels of the game.

          The instant you open up a new intersection (break the seal) by digging through dirt into an existing tunnel the monsters recognise this and will use this. They will often work together with one continuing to pursue you on its original path while another will instantly turn and try and back door you though the new path you've created.
          The more tunnels you dig, the more paths they have to find you.
          By throwing your ball through a thin wall without breaking it you can still kill enemies off without opening another path.

          When you are playing levels above 30 you will need positioned mainly in the top half of the screen (see TAKE THE HIGH GROUND). In these levels you will want as few tunnels as possible but still need to be able to kill each alpha monster as it appears at the top of the screen. You can do this by ensuring you are facing the right way and throwing the ball through the thin wall, kill the alpha monster quickly and get back to the business of killing monsters.


          If you eat slightly into each side of a cherry you can turn into a rose. Pretty!

          The little white snowman looking thing that appears as you add credits seems to have no relevance to the rest of the game.
          It represents what Mr. Do looked like in the prototype and original Japanese version of the game before he became a clown.

          ASTRO BOY
          The music that plays when you achieve an extra is the theme music from Astro boy.

          LEVEL DESIGN
          The level designs are all shaped like the number of the level you are on.
          The tunnels for level 2 are shaped like a two, level 3 like a three etc.
          I think level 1 looks like it is a big letter D with a little o for Do!

          LEVEL 30
          Level 30 has different coloured dirt to all the other levels and it looks cool.
          Level 30 is a celebration level for me, I don't know why but it is essential part of my game to yell "I've made it" when level 30 starts. There is no good reason for this and I don't know why I do it but I have convinced myself my game will go poorly if I don't keep this tradition. I encourage you to try it.

          This is the name given to my favourite move. It can be achieved on any '1' level eg 11, 21, 31 etc but in needs a bit of setting up.
          When you finish any '0' level eg 10, 20, 30 etc make sure you a just under a 5000 point mark and the letter on the top is on E, X, T or R (A doesn't work) then kill the last monster to click over the 5000.
          As the '1' level is appearing on screen, hold the joystick up while pressing the ball throw button. When the ball is released run away and start your preferred pattern while watching your smooth throw hit the alpha monster as it comes out of the extra box and fall straight down the centre tunnel taking the first two monsters with it.
          Oh, and you have to yell "Straight up and straight down to business" as it happens or it won’t work properly.
          Trust me, it's satisfying!

          Learn which way the monsters go
          Go high early
          Use the apple sitting technique
          Throw through walls
          Focus on EXTRAs
          Get a million

          I am very passionate about this game and love playing it.
          I hope these tips teach you something that you didn't know about Mr. Do and that you can improve your score and enjoy the game as much as I do.
          I'd love to hear from any of you that reach a new high score or improve your play from these tips.
          I have cracked the million a couple of times at the time of writing this and hope you do too and feel the excitement and joy that I did when I achieved that.

          Game on,
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            Wow! Reading this will take longer than most of my games

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              Awesome write up. But putting into execution is probably beyond me.


                Thanks for the write up MrBird I just skimmed over it for now but will read tomorrow, one thing did stand out as I scrolled past to see how long your post was......Astro Boy WTF why didn't I recognise that LOL, big fan of both
                Winter is here and I'm still riding more than gaming, my current goal = 100,000 meters elevation gain for the year - well ahead so far



                  I did better last year when we played.

                  edit: Just had a look, It was the IGBY 2014 comp that we played it.
                  I thought it was a MGL.
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                    Think this a new PB for me by about 30k



                      New PB. Not challenging Bigredbird any time soon but I'm happy with this score. Reached stage 19
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                        Baby steps
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                          Only worth about 15 points or so in the tournament, but it's a start...looks like I might have to fight magrinder or rat for 5th place



                            Nearly a PB for me, tips and tactics evade me on this one still go my regular gameplay, maybe time for a change
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                              PB here too I think by maybe 20K. Odd as I partook in a few pre game (and mid game) beverages, something I don't generally do. Hmm, maybe I'll take another drinking and driving attempt at Bump 'n Jump.


                                Originally posted by magrinder View Post

                                Odd as I partook in a few pre game (and mid game) beverages
                                You must be a very fast drinker, that was a 10 minute game tops!!
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