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    MGL 256 reaches a climax - Final positions

    After weeks of battling over 8 differnt games we've sorted out the champion.

    Click image for larger version

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    Well done Barra on a close win, RMacauley came in second a mere 6%age points behind and DKong rounds out the podium on third.

    Thrid and fourth were really close too - just 7 %age point in it and not a lot separates 5th to 8th. Well played all and thanks for the spirit and cooperation this MGL was played in.

    Well done to Barra, RMacauley, DKong, magrinder, Kane, Mameshane and Mark68 who win the notional OOO encouragement award for playing all games.

    Perhaps no great surprise, but the final scores were closer than many would think. Just proves it's always worth going for one more game and those extra points - a few percent could prove critical.

    We had six different game winners
    • Barra won Galaxian and Donkey Kong
    • RMacauley won Roc n Rope and Xevious
    • CrazyKongFan won Nibbler
    • SectionZ won Rygar
    • DKong won Exerion
    • Bigredbird won Mr Do!

    Here is the short form of nominations and selections

    Game Winner Selection Nominator
    Galaxian Barra random Barra
    Roc n Rope RMacauley popular John73, azathoth
    Nibbler CrazyKongFan random Foot
    Rygar SectionZ popular mark68, Pelly
    Donkey Kong Barra popular* John73, Pelly
    Exerion DKong random DKong
    Xevious RMacauley random Rat
    Mr Do! bigredbird popular outrun86, bigredbird, camaro
    * I frigged the order of Donkey Kong to play it lining up with Mario's birthday, so we got two populars back to back.

    There were 16 nominators and 11 people got one of their noms up. Badluck to Bondy, wingtipvortex, JustAnotherRat, magrinder and Mameshane who got neither a popular of random game up. The most successful nominators were John73 and Pelly with two each. Barra jagged it and got a random draw of one of his (Galaxian) up, whch he won by a small margin, bigredbird was in the group who nominated Mr Do! which he handed out a lesson on and DKong won his random draw.

    On average there were 18 participants per game who submitted an average of 33 scores for each game.


      Good work Fire_Power … thanks for running MGL 26!

      In honour of the perilous life led by so many spies in covert operations … like in Elevator Action

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      I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3

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      Congratulations to everyone that had a go ...

      MGLXLIV - Arcade Runner - on now!


        MGL 256? time flies when you're having fun.

        Congrats on the win Barra. You are definitely a force to be reckoned with. By my calculations I needed around 310K on Mr Do to bridge the gap and barring a miracle that wasn't happening.

        Also thanks to Fire_Power for stepping in and running this MGL. You had some big shoes to fill and you filled them well.


          Congrats to Barra - pretty close finish in the end. If only [MENTION=9967]RMacauley[/MENTION] had have voted for Bump 'n' Jump he would have probably gained the points needed to take this one out - let that be a lesson to you

          Sorry I didn't have time to play much, doubt I'll find much more time for the next MGL - I'm getting a little burnt out to be honest. But I will play - maybe I'll find my MGL mojo again soon.

          Thanks [MENTION=5366]Fire_Power[/MENTION] for running the MGL for the first time.


            Originally posted by John73 View Post
            Congrats to Barra - pretty close finish in the end. If only [MENTION=9967]RMacauley[/MENTION] had have voted for Bump 'n' Jump he would have probably gained the points needed to take this one out - let that be a lesson to you
            Ok so my votes for the next MGL will be Bump 'n' Jump, Burgertime, Snow Bros, Willow......


              Thanks Fire_Power for running the MGL, great job!

              A podium finish for me, it has been a while , the end of this MGL has come at a good time as I have a lot on the next couple of weeks!

              But will sadly miss my MGL time as it is a good chill out time, just me and the machine and scores to beat!

              Thanks everyone for participating !


                Congrats Barra et al.

                Too bad my nominations of Galaga, Marble Madness, Bank Panic, Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride and Chuck Rock failed to make it or Barra could have really run away with things further.

                Great job Fire_Power!

                Thanks all.


                  Thanks for running it Fire_Power although i had little time to play for the past few weeks it's still good to have an excuse to get better at a game.

                  Grats to Barra and everyone, some amazing scores !!

                  Originally posted by magrinder View Post
                  Bank Panic
                  This is a fun game, hopefully comes up next time


                    Great job Fire_Power.
                    I didn't play everything this time but enjoyed playing a few games I wouldn't normally play and loved playing a bit more Mr. Do!
                    Also, thanks to everyone that played, I enjoy reading and responding to all the banter on here.
                    See you all next time.
                    My Twitch stream -


                      Thanks guys - congrats to the place getters

                      Also big thanks to Fire_power for stepping up to run the MGL - you did a great job!!

                      Ill probably be on the sidelines for a while. Staying with family now and also working a lot. Money is good but now I don't have time for anything else Maybe Ill nominate some crappy games so you guys can't have too much fun without me

                      Cheers guys

                      My stream - - Pop in and say hello!


                        Well done [MENTION=9320]Barra[/MENTION] for winning and especially [MENTION=264]DKong[/MENTION] for getting back on the podium after a long while, must have been a good feeling - well done


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