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MGL 25 - Game 2 ~ Lode Runner ~ [FINISHED]

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    Been playing this, but not really improving much..


    • Originally posted by OOO View Post
      With buttons there is not much difference in what they can do ... I mean they just shoot/jump and really any buttons can do that OK.
      I have purchased Sanwa buttons in the past but they are not really much better than other brands for the function they perform. If you have a faulty button then of course please clean the contact or replace it.
      Sorry have to respectfully disagree with this, I have been through MUCH experimentation with my Defender cab to try increasing my firepower and I must say a well tuned leaf switch with the gap and spring tweaked to your liking and style can make a big difference. Finally settled on the Rollie Leaf Switches after trying everything else first. This can be a make or break difference on Defender as faster firepower can slightly overload the processor if there is lots of action on the screen already and this can be used to your advantage, being such a difficult game even a 1% advantage is something worth pursuing. On my Astros I use Golfleaf Pro buttons, which don't have the adjustability of real leaf switches but they are fine for the vast majority of games.

      - - - Updated - - -

      Hey check it out I'm coming LAST woohoo go me
      Winter is here and I'm still riding more than gaming, my current goal = 100,000 meters elevation gain for the year - well ahead so far


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        Minor improvement...every point counts though


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          marginal improvement.

          so many rage quits after walking over a trapped enemy and falling in with them

          Glad it came up , will have to play it again after mgl and continue to see the other levels.

          Originally posted by Jammasized View Post
          I was a Sanwa man for years, then I saw the light... now it's all the way with MCA.
          I'm going to put an MCA in my multi-game cab, i think the stiffer joy on a lot of these type of games would be great, much like the buttons.
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            • Forgot to put a score in for this one!!


              • It's 7pm on Sunday 14-June-2015.
                Score submissions for Game 2 Lode Runner are now closed.

                The final scoreboard standings are below ...

                magrinder hits the top 10th place just edging out Foot by 12,390 points.
                Then a close 9th place to Brad by only 1,660 points.
                bigredbird finds some magic with his Mr Do skills to hit 8th place.
                DKong improves to 7th place and Spartan scores 252K for 6th place.
                RMacauley enters the top 5 with 277K for 5th place.
                Batfink not far ahead by 2,240 points makes it for a very nice 4th place.
                kane all alone on 336K takes out 3rd place.
                D.B. Cooper plays really well and scores a mighty 434K for an excellent 2nd place.

                One player finds his way around the mazes, confuses the bad guys and pinches all of their gold ?
                Congratulations to Barra for winning Game 2 ?

                Mappy, Tapper and Congo Bongo are all currently in play ? Games 3, 4 and 5 ?

                Ask your friends to play in MGLXLII. Don't procrastinate, participate ...


                • Originally posted by OOO View Post
                  Current AA Champ of Lode Runner: Never played before. Try and get out of this one!
                  Just a quick very late note on this game, it was played before. Went looking through the list MGL high scores trying to pick games for the IGBY and noticed Lode Runner was in the list, probably played in an MGL where the results/sub-forum got deleted, well before my time.

                  Think the high score was around the 70k mark, so lots of players blew the old record out of the water.


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