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MGL 24 - Game 8 ~ Raiden ~ [FINISHED]

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    I'm not good at these types of games either, especially with a keyboard. So here's my submission. Might play a few more in the next hour or so and see if I can improve, but it should give me a few points to get back into 5th place

    Click image for larger version

Name:	raid0000.png
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    • I have slightly bettered my score but still cannot manage a clear LVL 1 & 2 run Don't know if I will get any more time now #dadlife


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        Click image for larger version

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          tough game, only really gave it a good crack today pity

          Click image for larger version

Name:	raid112620.png
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          • Looks like the MGL trophy is one again going over the ditch to [MENTION=9320]Barra[/MENTION].

            Congrats to Barra and the top 3.

            Thanks [MENTION=9067]OOO[/MENTION] for running the MGL.


            • It's 7pm on Sunday 26-April-2015.
              Score submissions for Game 8 Raiden are now closed.

              The final scoreboard standings are below ...

              From 7th to 11th there wasn’t much in it, as DonPedro edged out camaro, Nicko71, Jammasized and outrun86 by a few thousand for 7th place.
              Pelly scored a great 4th place just ahead of Rat in 5th place and RMacauley in 6th place.
              DKong was the only one in the 400K zone for a nice 3rd place.
              Brad and Barra to and fro, shoot, slip and slide where Brad scores a very impressive 500K for 2nd place.
              Barra finds a way on the last day to take out this game and everything else with it …

              Congratulations to Barra for winning Game 8, it was a mighty contest.

              This game was the last game for MGL 24. The overall scoreboard will be updated shortly.

              Ask your friends to play in MGLXLII. Don't procrastinate, participate ...


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