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MGL 24 - Game 7 ~ Frogger ~ [FINISHED]

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  • Originally posted by Jammasized View Post
    yeah, a lot of online games suffer from table hacking. I'm a longtime player of online racing games and when you see lap times of just over one second, well...

    I think with crossy rather than 'cheeves they've concentrated more on collecting characters - this is popular with teens and they are a huge consumer of mobile games. My 15 y/,o has 73/80 characters now, and it is cool how the chars have different things happen in game.
    I think I've collect about a dozen so far. I like the mad bull, so I've been just playing with that.

    Not sure if it's my Samsung tab, the the game does seem to suffer what looks like lag when doing certain bigger river crossings. I'll have to put it on a iPad to see how it runs, and also submit a score to TG at the same time. There are a few Android scores in/being adjudicated, but nothing for iOS yet.

    I'm up to 341 now. Would like to see what happens at 2000 points though, it seems very odd for the game to just stop at this point.


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