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MGL 24 - Game 6 ~ Hyper Olympic ~ [FINISHED]

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  • It's past 7pm on Sunday 12-April-2015.
    Score submissions for Game 6 Hyper Olympic are now closed.

    The final scoreboard standings are below ...

    No joystick, no jumper, no mouse, no coin holders, no film canisters ? just how it was meant to be played ?
    JustAnotherRat, wingtipvortex, bworldmv and mark68 hit the over 100K zone.
    Brad scores a mighty 755K for 3rd place and Barra an even better 941K for 2nd place.
    However someone jumps, sprints, hurdles and throws as a master athlete for an incredible 1.6 million score ?

    Congratulations to Jammasized for winning Game 6.

    Frogger and Raiden are currently in play, Games 7 and 8 ?

    Ask your friends to play in MGLXLII. Don't procrastinate, participate ...


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