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MGL 21 - Game 6 ~ Metal Slug ~ [FINISHED]

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    Never got a chance to get back to this game unfortunately until 30 minutes before closing and that included the time it took me find and download the rom again and play it on my laptop using the keyboard.... I have no doubt I can beat this on my cab but this is the best score I have to submit. Awesome scores submitted by others though.... I don't think I was ever going to match them. Had a lot of fun with this game though.


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      It's 7pm on Sunday 22-June-2014.
      Score submissions for Game 6 Metal Slug are now closed.

      The final scoreboard standings are below ...

      A great effort by many players in this slugfest, including DKong, Mameshane, mark68 and RMacauley on breaking the previous AA record.

      Congratulations to Barra for setting a new AA record and winning Game 6 (and the only one to score over 1 million points).

      Super Cobra and Qix are currently in play, Games 7 and 8 …
      2 game titles to go and 2 weeks to go ... I'll update the overall scoreboard thread later tonight.

      PS: After Game 6, 15 players remain eligible for the mystery prize to be drawn at the end of MGL 21.

      Ask your friends to play in MGLXLII. Don't procrastinate, participate ...


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        Well done Barra, that's a big win.


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