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MGL 16 Leaderboard [Final Standings]


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  • MGL 16 Leaderboard [Final Standings]

    MGL 16 Leaderboard

    Name MGL Points
    1 RMacauley 154
    2 ED_209 121
    3 Pelly 94
    4 Brad 81
    =5= casperthefriendly 79
    =5= Nicko71 79
    7 Kane 69
    8 Taverner 69
    9 Mikie 51
    10 John73 41
    11 Jammasized 40
    12 Foot 35
    13 OOO 25
    14 Blktgr74 25
    15 MonoJoker 18
    16 Lupin 13
    =17= Wizo 11
    =17= DiiOnn 11
    19 Troyus 10
    20 Fire_Power 9
    21 Rat 8
    22 Mameshane 7
    =23= mamejay 6
    =23= Blontic 6
    25 DKong 0
    Last edited by John73; 10 December 2012, 06:48 PM. Reason: Updated leaderboard after 8 games played

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    14, 19 & 16 players in the first 3 games has been a great effort. 22 Different players all up.

    Rob holds a narrow lead after game 3. Taverner sits in third, 6 points clear of Jammasized, ED_209 & Pelly who are all on 32 - only the colour of their medals separates them at this stage.


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      Leaderboard updated. Sorry, I've been a slacker this week and totally forgot to update this on Sunday night


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        I think you may want to check your figures John. Pelly's been given quite a boost to land in 2nd place.


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          Originally posted by ED_209 View Post
          I think you may want to check your figures John. Pelly's been given quite a boost to land in 2nd place.
          Thanks for picking that up, Pelly should be 48 not 58. I will go back through and double check everyone's scores over the weekend. Updated this while sitting in the car, mistakes are bound to happen


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            Leaderboard finally updated, sorry for my slackness folks


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              Updated. Rob looks to have MGL 16 in the bag.

              At this point, I'm awarding myself the most consistently sucky player of MGL 16... 24 points from 6 games


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                Congratulations to the top 5 in MGLXVI.

                I have updated the virtual trophies for the Top 3.
                Congrats to ED209 on getting your first trophy and well done Pelly on being so consistent with three 3rd placings!
                Robert is the first triple champion of the MGL.




                And the virtual trophy for MGLXVII has just been finished, based on the super jumpy classic by Gottlieb - QBERT!




                ... and just finished my submission for the banner of the next MGL ...

                Enjoy the Christmas break!

                Last edited by OOO; 9 December 2012, 07:58 PM.
                MGLXLVI - Neon Arcade - on now!


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                  Thanks OOO... quality work as usual


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                    Final leaderboard has been updated.

                    Well done to Rob, ED & Pelly on the podium finish.

                    25 Players all up was a good effort, though the participants slowed down in the last two weeks - possibly because of the games selected but probably because everyone get's MGL'ed out towards the end and Xmas is fast approaching.

                    Thanks to everyone that participated.

                    We'll announce early next year the plans for when the 2013 MGL's will be held.


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                      Congrats to everyone especially Rob, ED and Pelly, some amazing scores! Hopefully in the new year I don't disappear (again) into the black hole that is an SAP implementation at work and I can actually participate in the last few games Nothing to do with game selection it's great to be "forced" to play something different from time to time. Thanks John73 for running it and keeping everything up to date!



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                        Yes big thanks to John73 doing a stellar job


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                          Originally posted by MonoJoker View Post
                          SAP implementation at work
                          I feel your pain. I'm going through the same thing at the moment - SAP *can* and *should* be awesome when set up right, trouble is that it is never set up right!
                          Last edited by casperthefriendly; 11 December 2012, 06:39 PM. Reason: grammar


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                            Don't mention SAP up here in Qld, it's likely to get you a slap upside the head.


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                              Originally posted by John73 View Post
                              Don't mention SAP up here in Qld, it's likely to get you a slap upside the head.
                              Don't be silly it gets you SEVERAL slaps upside the head no matter where in the WORLD you mention it! For good reason, it's a behemoth and one missed process step during blueprint can be very costly...

                              Ah well as casper said once you get it right it's brilliant - IF you get it right


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