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MGL 16: Call for Ideas


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    My preferences:

    Noms: anything but games from MGL 15

    Start date: 7th Oct (I wanna start playing!)

    No of noms: I'm fine with 3 but don't mind 5 if people want a wider pool

    DIP settings: Definitely TG! They're usually the same and I love it when the WRs fall in the comp.


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      Bit early but before I forget, vote for:

      kid niki radical ninja
      zero wing



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        I should be back for this one, like the idea of no games from 8-15 (dont think we need to go back further than that) and 3 noms each.


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          My preferences:

          -Start earlier the better
          -default dips
          -3 nominations
          -rob gets kneecapped, fingernailed, and keelhauled
          -No nominations accepted from any previous MGL (or compromises 8-15) for this MGL only IE, this comp would be a one-off (why not?)

          I am happy to help compiling lists of what has been played... but as Foot already pointed out, the MGL high score list already contains most games.

          I'm on 5 weeks holidays from October 2nd, so timing is sweeeeeet


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            Just nominate Puckman

            Kick off whenever, doesn't bother me.

            MAME defaults this time

            Run a short 3 week comp at at Christmas for the die hards with TG dips

            Originally posted by Rat View Post
            I see your point ED_209 and agree, but I would like to see the never played before rule for just this MGL, and one NOM each only for this MGL, then back to normal. Now that MGLs are shorter and more often I think this would be fine, you could still nom pacman next time. With one nom each hopefully everyone will know at least one game that has never been played in an MGL that doesn't suck
            "Beer, it does a belly good!"

            Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!


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              Everyone is silent on the matter for the last 24 hours

              Okay, so what we have:

              1. 3 nominations per player, nominations will be open tomorrow and close on Fri Oct 5
              2. Mame defaults
              3. No game played during MGL 8 thru 15 are eligible for nominations - This is one off for this MGL
              4. We'll start on Sun Oct 7
              5. Same 2 game staggered format
              6. Has Daylight Saving started yet? If not, it will during the comp. All games will start and end at 7pm Brisbane time
              7. Comments about Qld'ers being in the dark ages not having DLS will get you a 5 pt deduction for each infringement I want DLS here, but we'll save that discussion for another thread


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                Sounds good. I reckon a "Best of the Best" is a good idea for a future single MGL round too.

                To those who are saying we might get cr@p games I reckon you are being too limited. Mame has say 6000 games, about half are mahjong and say another 1000 or so that don't meet MGL controls / scoring / style eligibility guidelines. Still leaves a heap of contenders, a lot that are good. I have about 200 in my list of "good" players and this is on a single joystick, two button cab. Most of these I've never seen in an arcade. To me, this is a benefit of MGL to introduce new, lessor know games - we all know about and played DK, Pacman, SI etc back in the day.


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