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  • MGL 15: Leaderboard

    Leaderboard - Final Standings


    - Gold Medal (Game Winner)
    - Silver Medal (2nd Place)
    - Bronze Medal (3rd Place)

    Rank Name Points Medals
    1 RMacauley 176
    2 Spartan 111
    3 John73 87
    4 Kane 86
    5 Nicko71 80
    6 Jammasized 67
    7 Brad 67
    8 DKong 48
    9 Taverner 46
    10 ED_209 45
    11 Rat 44
    12 Foot 43
    13 Major_Havoc 34
    14 disQo 32
    =15= SectionZ 21
    =15= wingtipvortex 21
    =15= Fire_Power 21
    18 Pash 13
    19 azathoth 12
    20 dave_wellington 9
    21 Mikie 8
    22 blontic 4
    23 necroscope 0
    Last edited by John73; 19 August 2012, 07:13 PM. Reason: Final Placings

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    ED_209 was the big mover - going from 11th to 3rd after a strong Snow Bros. score.

    Jammasized rounds out the top 5 with a count back 2nd place in game 1.

    Rob increased his lead (and his chances of having limbs broken by fellow MGLers) with his 2nd win from 2 games played


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      Leaderboard updated - 3 games down, 5 to go.

      Jammasized was the big mover this week, cutting Robs lead a little. Jamma will possibly be missing for the rest of the tournament while he receives intensive phsyio treatment on his buggered right arm after the Hyper Olympics marathon. What a fun game, and it's always nice to see a white guy win the 100m sprint - don't expect to see that happen in London

      And after my 5hr 20min game of Hyper Olympics and updating the scores (my brain now hurts) you can stick a fork in me - I'm done.


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        Rob still has a commanding lead after 4 games completed. Spartan moved up 3 places with his first win in MGL 15

        Half way through MGL 15.


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          I like the medals, nice touch


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            Originally posted by Jammasized View Post
            I like the medals, nice touch
            Glad you like I scabbed the graphics off the net, but had to get OOO to "transparent them up" for me because I'm crap and using anything beside MS Paint Thanks OOO, you're a champ and for all the other MGL logo stuff you've done


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              Leaderboard updated. Sorry I didn't do it last night, bloody forum kept timing out on me when I tried to reply/edit posts

              RMacauley looks virtually un-catchable at the moment - his legs however are looking tired from climbing up on the podium so much.

              Rat was the big mover along with Foot who both got their first medals of MGL 15


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                Leaderboard updated.

                Another win for Rob in Pandora's Palace and he extends his lead to be pretty much unbeatable in MGL 15. Spartan increased his buffer to be a pretty safe bet for 2nd. All interest is for the 3rd place with Jamma only ahead of Kane on medal countback and myself 2 pts behind. For those placing large wagers on who will get 3rd place, I pretty much suck at Momoko 120% and have never played Anteater so save your dosh


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                  One week left of Anteater to sort out the final placings.

                  Rob is untouchable for the Gold. Spartan has the silver all but sown up and just needs 2 points to guarantee it. Kane has moved in the Bronze position but will need a good score as Nicko71, Jammasized and myself are poised to take the Bronze.


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                    Final standings are up.

                    Congrats to Rob, head and shoulders above everyone. A top 3 finish in every game too

                    Congrats to Spartan for easily taking the Silver.

                    Thanks to everyone for playing. Stay tuned to the MGL, we'll be working on a little something to play during the break between MGL XV and MGL XVI.


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                      Congrats Rob, super effort. Also to Spartan & John.

                      And a big cheers to John for your efforts working on MGL 15.


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                        great work John, another historic MGL with world records, only played one game really but enjoyed following the mgl.


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                          Well done Rob on another well earned victory.

                          I'm pretty happy to land in 10th spot considering I only competed in 3 games. Hopefully next time I'll be able to play them all.


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                            A good comp with some fun games - thanks for running John

                            I think the shorter format was more enjoyable.


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                              As an avid forum reader but not yet arcade owner, this was the first MGL I've ever followed but really enjoyed following the progress the whole way through. In a month or two I should be up and running and can't wait to try out these games that I've been reading so much about. Keep up the great work John and I hope to join the masses (nearer the bottom of the table though) in MGL's to come.


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