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Mgl 12 game 9: Raiden


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    Is it just me, or does the music that plays when it's "Game Over" make everyone pissed off??

    Reminds me of the dog that laughs at you on Duck Hunt. Really rubs it in I reckon.


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      Died at the Stage 4 boss - could've done better if I didn't have a stupid death at the 3rd boss also. I didn't die or bomb until then in this run. The extra bonus would've been something like 150,000pts.


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        You guys getting hundreds + hundreds of K's at this must have forearms like popeye..

        Great Score SPL


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          Never got past stage 2, oh so close a couple of times though...


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            Time's Up!

            Thanks to everyone who played and submitted a score for Raiden.

            Congratulations to SPL for his maiden MGL victory! *crowd cheers fireworks explode*

            Good competition around the game this week with two players cracking half a million points.

            Final results for the Raiden comp are:

            1. spl 669,190 = 25
            2. Taverner 536,920 = 20
            3. Ramere 388,840 = 16
            4. Rat 370,340 = 13
            5. Dkong 341,120 = 11
            6. Brad 288,370 = 10
            7. Kane 214,440 = 9
            8. Jardine 214,050 = 8
            9. Jammasized 196,720 = 7
            10. Knight76 177,230 = 6
            11. Wingtipvortex 64,710 = 5
            12. Dezbaz 4,430 = 4

            We're getting to the business end of MGL12, the next 3 games will shake up the top 5 players even more.

            New game posted



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              Congrats SPL great score, there's definitely a point where it's worth using a few of those stored bombs to try save that first ship, unfortunately the heads up that you've reached that point is your ship exploding into a million pieces


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                Wow great scores SPL and Tav, was hoping to get a couple of games in yesterday but was too hung over, been up since 6.30 this morning and did the Hobart cup and now just home so didn't get a last crack

                Don't think I would of cracked 500,000, but was close to the 400,000

                I think the better you get at this game the blue fire is a must , as its direct, sure the red covers an area but once you are fine with weaving the bullets it pays to have the direct hard shot especially for the bosses and bigger ships in the screens.

                So IMO if can't crack 200,000 stick with Red and straight missiles

                If you have the power go Blue with Homing

                I see another fantastic shooter is up this week

                Edit : and another new winner 9 games 9 winners


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