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Mgl 12 game 6: Berzerk


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    Never played this game before, gave it a decent bash & managed to crack the 10k barrier.


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      After many frustrating 11k games I made it to grey robots. I seem to be doing much better this time around, I remember the last time it came up in MGL8 I berzerked my ass off and could never get to 10k, I think the MGL has improved my reflexs some.


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        Really regretting having the cabinet out of play most of the week. First time I've played berserk and I'm loving it, nice controls, the robots look cool and I laughed my ass off the first time I got called a chicken All up a much better Wizard of Wor.

        Out most of today and tonight so might be lucky to get to the first free man.
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          Havent cracked 10k yet but getting there.
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            Haven't spent enough time on this, better get a score up
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              I too did not spend much time, although i do really like this game. This score was the first game i had, then it went downhill from there I think i scored higher last time it came up in MGL
              Ill try again for at least 8K


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                Keep dying around the 8000 mark. Those white robots are VERY unforgiving!
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                  Time's Up!

                  Congratulations to KANE for taking out the Berzerk comp, he keeps his MGL High Score for Berzerk and betters it, for a new MGL High Score of 13,520.

                  Full results and points as follows:

                  1. Kane = 13,520 = 25
                  2. Jammasized = 12,430 = 20
                  3. Ramere = 10,850 = 16
                  4. Rat = 10,210 = 13
                  5. Brad = 9,670 = 11
                  6. Taverner = 8,590 = 10
                  7. Wingtipvortex = 6760 = 9
                  8. Dkong = 6,060 = 8
                  9. Dezbaz = 2,530 = 7

                  LEADERBOARD UPDATED

                  ---------- Post added at 07:30 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:02 PM ----------

                  Played about another 10-20 games tried really hard to catch you Kane! No joy, got stuck at the 11-12k mark. Can keep lives up to about 10-11k no wuckas then it's an avalanche of dead humanoids and edge of the seat type stuff trying to hang on.

                  Love this game though, the cylon eyes on the bots, the speech is great (cost $1000 p/word back in the day) and it's one that's always been on my faves list, will remain so.
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                    man i couldnt get over about 1600 on this one, working off the laptop arrow keys (no sep mame cab or js interface yet) absolute crap score. levels 2 and 3 the bu%%ers kept shootin me on the diabonal (diabolical diagonal) and i couldnt point on diagonal fast enough to shoot on diagonal

                    put an order in for a jpac so i can hookup to external screen/js's etc.
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