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MGL 32 - Game 5 ~ Asteroids (closes 9-Jul)

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  • Great score [MENTION=18717]fok999[/MENTION]


    Click image for larger version

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    • Haha. I totally missed this when Fok posted it. I was focused on the time. This is brilliant:


      • Congrats Fok awesome score and thanks for posting that video, it helped me a bunch! Cheers

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        • Originally posted by fok999 View Post

          Small question to everybody ... you too you happen to die for no reason after a teleportation ? It's very annoying
          I'm pretty sure that blowing up after a hyperspace is chanced - it's due to a 'roll of the dice' in the game for hyperspacing. every time you hyperspace, there might be for example a 1 chance in 10 that you will blow up. meaning most times you will get away with it, but occasionally you'll roll the death number.

          Well played everyone, and what a close finish. Great end to a classic!


          • By looking at the video of my score I noticed that I used a lot of hyperspace, but the last one is fatal to me !
            I do not know if we should not avoid shooting at the same time as hyperspace
            I'm lucky at 20k and 30k ... it does not take much to go from "good part" to "part of dung!"

            pew pew pew pew !


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