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MGLXLV - Game 6 ~ Lock 'N Chase (closes 11-Oct)


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    minor improvement. Beat my other score on my 1st life, but the point scoring went way down as the money bags in the center disappear so quickly.


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        Mission accomplished. I said in an earlier submission post that my main goal for this game was to beat my TG score from back in the day. In that post I said 48K was the target. Turns out my TG score was 45,800. Got what I wanted though I may try for a higher score. The last death was very avoidable.

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          Bob Click image for larger version

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            Hi everyone,

            This game is now closed. The shutters are now locked for good ...

            The final scoreboard will be posted shortly.

            MGLXLV - Arcade Have A Go - on now!



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              Day 17 of 17.

              Final Results ...

              It’s quite tough to score highly on this game. Typical of Taito the manufacturer, they made all gamers of their games work very hard for their points. So from 100K to 30K, zap, terencew, Ivanstorm1973, Blackflag82, RMacauley, DWO, creech, Pessimeister, DaLar, Evan04, CrazyKongFan, Hal1973 and Arcadinator played well to collect the gold and bonus for 2nd place down to 14th place respectively.

              Congratulations to Henning Gundersen for winning Game 6, with a top score of 144,560 points. He set a new MGL high score on this title, which was previously set in MGL33 of 2017. This was also his first ever MGL game win in 5 x MGLs played. Well locked and chased!

              Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Joust are both currently in play. They are both very different in game play, and require different sets of gaming skills.

              MGLXLV - Arcade Have A Go - on now!



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