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MGLXLI - Game 3 ~ Black Tiger (closes 6-Oct)


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  • Day 17 of 17.

    Final Results ...

    Just watched Joker at the cinema and this great contest on Black Tiger. Both were fascinating.

    This game was a very well contested challenge. So many gamers learnt how to improve their game and their score. In fact the last 24 hours of this game was as thrilling as ever, with the lead changing every few hours or so. Brilliant gaming!

    In the 936K down to 426K “super” scores, megaderek, DaLar, Brad, Arcadinator, Salim Farhat, Pessimeister, RMacauley and Ivanstorm1973 all played this game tough to earn great results from 4th to 11th place respectively.

    Three gamers scored over 1 million points, and all three gamers hit these scores in the last 24 hours before the deadline.

    Jason Vasiloff scored a quick fire 1.0148 million for an outstanding 3rd place. Matt Sales scored a stellar 1.04275 million for an even better 2nd place.

    Congratulations to CrazyKongFan on winning Game 3, in an ultra close finish with superb dragon slaying. Scoring 1.04385 million points, he took the win by only 1,100 points. Every point does count and it was a tremendous win in close competition.

    Game 4 - Star Force and Game 5 - Super Pac-man are both currently in play. These are two extremely different games that require extremely different skill sets to perform well. The challenge is to play them both, and as best as you can.

    MGLXLVI - Neon Arcade - on now!


    • Sooo close! Congrats on the game win CrazyKongFan!


      • Originally posted by ILLSeaBass View Post
        Sooo close! Congrats on the game win CrazyKongFan!
        This was one of the closest finishes for a game in MGL history. That's a credit to all the gamers who tried their best and hit some super scores!

        Plenty more to come ...
        MGLXLVI - Neon Arcade - on now!


        • Thanks. Always been one of my favorite games. The local mall arcade had it when it first came out in 87 or 88.


          • Joker had a bad plot but great acting. Go see Dark Knight with Heath Ledger again instead.

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