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RULES as of 25/7/2018


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    RULES as of 25/7/2018

    RULES (last updated 25/7/2018)

    This is a casual set of competitions and is purely for FUN and not to be taken too seriously

    Game Selection:

    Games will be selected from nominations from you guys/girls in a dedicated thread.
    At this stage any era is ok but nothing that cant be run on a billy basic computer.
    Nominations for the next pair of games will run at the same time as scores are being taken for the current games.
    The aim is to avoid the main stay games like Galaga and Donkey Kong and play more obscure and odd games.
    Games with special controls EG Steering Wheels, Guns and Track Balls are ok BUT only if they can be played with a joystick
    When a game is posted I will post the ROM name and that is the version we all play.


    2 Games will be selected buy public nominations, 1 pre 1985 and 1 from 1985 onward, both games will run simultaneously
    Games will be posted on a Thursday night and scores will be accepted from 8am the next morning
    the games will then run for 31 days with score submissions finishing at 8pm Sunday night.
    I will aim to have the Final scores and placings posted by Monday evening.
    Don't worry, instructions on when games start and finish will be clearly posted with dates.

    What can I Play On:

    At this point any version of MAME and mutiboards so long as the dips are set to the MAME default


    Everyone is welcome to play (except Steve...hes a dick and knows what he did) but if you plan on
    submitting a score please send me a PM with your user name, real name and High score Initials you
    use just so I can make a database. (optional)
    (This Information will all be kept private and only used for blackmail purposes)

    Submitting a Score:

    To submit a score you need to post a photo or screenshot showing your score, with the first line of the post being the score.
    Feel free to add a description of the setup you are using to if you like.
    Start a new post for each score you want to submit, do not edit older posts as I will not notice and that score wont be counted.
    This is a purely honesty based system so please respect the intent of these competitions.
    Submitting a score can be done from 8am Friday (the first day of the game) until 8pm Sunday (17 ish days of play).
    Please only submit scores you have gotten in the time period the games where running.

    Other Stuff:

    All games are to be played on MAME default setting
    No saves or cheats.
    No Points leaching tactics
    No continues (1 credit only per game).
    if you need a Rom PM me and we can sort you out.
    Any Questions just ask, at the end of the day this is intended only to be a bit of fun, Please play to the intent of the rules not to the letter of them.
    Please don't take it too seriously...I'm not

    last but not least everything is subject to change at a whim.
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      Ive gotten PMs with people using there real names so I thought a list might make my life a little easier but if you don't want to tell me that info you dont have to, Im not going to ban anyone from submitting or anything like that.


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