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The MAME GAMING LEAGUE, better known as the MGL, is the best arcade gaming competition in the world. All levels of gamers are WELCOME to play on the toughest games in video game history. Whether you are a novice, experienced, or pro gamer, this tournament is for you .The MGL is a truly global and international competition, with gamers competing from over 16 countries. Having a video game history of over 15 years and with over 2 million views, you can now join the MGL and make history as well. Insert coin and game with your friends, the greats, and the unexpected, from the MASSIVE video game universe.

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    Originally posted by bigredbird View Post
    Big couple of days for me for PBs on some of my favourite games.

    Fired up some Arabian today as a warm up game while I was streaming on Twitch.
    My previous PB on this after two MGLs and a lot of play outside MGL was 121K

    Had one game today and absolutely smashed my PB with a score of 212,950.

    Twitch link of game here if you would like to watch those sweet, sweet combo kills! -
    Wow excellent score on Arabian. Almost double!

    MGLXLV - Arcade Have A Go - on now!


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      MGL Personal Challenge Tracker

      Finally broke through for a PB on DK Jr. with 146,500.

      200k is the target now.

      Click image for larger version

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      My Twitch stream -


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        MGL Personal Challenge Tracker

        Slight improvement. New PB.

        Click image for larger version

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        My Twitch stream -


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          First I'd like to say that I've really enjoyed reading this thread; its creation was an excellent idea! All the more so now that we've got a small break in the MGL season. It's fun to read of players aims, aspirations and achievements.

          In the light of Raiden being in the MGL in 2019 and the sheer ecstatic joy I had simply improving on it, I've decided to switch back to Raiden II for a bit to try getting further with it.
          Back in mid 2018 my PB was around 520 k. I tend to average around 400-470 k if my top saved MAME scores are anything to go by, dying usually mid level 3.

          This afternoon I fired it up again and managed to improve a little with a 570 k and then most recently a 632 k game which I'm hoping is a breakthrough. The combination of vulcan and upgraded homing missiles appeared to help me survive the crazy waves in stage 3. I felt close to finally beating the level 3 boss which I've never done before on Raiden II. It's a very tough game; much harder I think than the original.

          Click image for larger version

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          Originally posted by megaderek View Post
          One thing I noticed with this game is that if you use Player 1 side is that it is more difficult (probably why most of the scores on TG are done with Player 2) But when using P2 it will get more difficult if you use the blue lazer as I usually do for the level 3 boss and when you start in level 4 the enemy bullets are noticeably faster until you switch back to the red vulcan.
          G'day Derek! First up, that's an amazing improved score you managed with this game. A million+ on Raiden II is simply unfathomable to me at this point but I was just curious if you could estimate how much more a player might get by switching to P2 if one is used to only ever going P1? This is probably something I'm going to try next and see how it goes.


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            my MAME PB's are
            Raiden 1 = 1,541,160
            Raiden 2 = 760,010

            Only Raiden 1 seems to have to different difficulty where using P2 makes it easier. There is an arcade track for Raiden 1 on TG and I've watched a performance on there and it seems the arcade version (at least the version they have played) didn't have the difficulty difference. Perhaps it's a different hardware revision they played or perhaps there is a MAME emulation issue? I'm not sure.

            I used to play Raiden 2 in the arcade and managed to get a 1CC on it. But I don't know what dip settings it was on. Raiden 2 on MAME with the TG settings is definately harder.


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              Well what was once a simple personal challenge, is now a bitter and intense rivalry. Originally, all I wanted/needed to do was clock Twin Cobra on one credit, and once I'd achieved that I could be completely satisfied and move on, so to speak. Well, I did achieve my goal and managed a pretty reasonable 2,184,600 points in the process. Unfortunately, my younger brother recently managed the same feat and in doing so racked up 2,275,300 points. Needless to say, I'm very unhappy about this...

              We have a history of intense video game rivalry that dates back nearly 40 years and I was the Twin Cobra 'king' in our family for a long time and being dethroned does not sit well with me . To add insult to injury, he did it on my Twin Cobra cabinet

              So my new challenge is very simple - beat my brother's score. And of course, hope he doesn't rack up an even bigger one in the meantime.

              Oh and if I do manage to achieve that, I think I'll join Pessimeister and see if I can set a PB (currently just over 500k) on Raiden II, which is probably my second favourite shooter after Twin Cobra.


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                Not so much an MGL challenge but my main gaming focus right now.

                I have a huge number of scores on TG mostly from back in the day when inps were eventually verified by refs. In the current TG world a large percentage of newer members are of the impression that anything from the old TG either didn't happen, had incorrect settings, was entered by a corrupt referee or all of the above. No vid, no did.

                So at the moment I'm trying to do 2 things:

                1. Beat as many of my old scores as I can under the current adjudication system. Concentrating on MAME at the moment. Having a few "how the hell did I get that score" moments

                2. Adjudicate enough to get my credibility score above 4000. Then I plan on disputing several of my old Atari 2600 scores from 20 years ago.

                Things may get really interesting very soon


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