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World Championship of eSports 2017

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    Originally posted by magrinder View Post
    However the good news is Mr. Do! is still open for score submissions!
    Word on the street is Mrs. Do has scolded him for being in the MGL the last time we seen him, he may have to lay low for 66 days or so.
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      Originally posted by Barra View Post
      NO ITS NOT!!!!!!!!!

      You know it is...

      Mr. Do! is the one game that never closes.


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        Originally posted by magrinder View Post
        You know it is...

        Mr. Do! is the one game that never closes.
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          Posting on behalf of a submitter that wishes to remain anonymous.


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            Ok the Sinistar ending really made me smile.
            The same guy who programmed Defender also programmed Sinistar. Talk about Glory Days of Video games!

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              WCEI Presentation

              For the first ever World Championship of eSports known as WCEI, it all began 10 months ago on 10-March-2017. With a tough schedule of 37 different games in a grueling 37 week season, many of the best in video gaming who had the mandatory gall were drawn and competed in the toughest eSports championship in the world. This isn’t just on one game like DOTA or League of Legends, it’s on 37 different CAG games being played in the championship. These CAG games were designed to end game play of a novice gamer in under 2.5 minutes and where expert gamers battle the digitally superior skill level of the machine, instead of directly with another human, where one must lose. In WCEI, yes the AI wins often, and almost always does.

              Welcome to the toughest eSports championship of all time. In fact 3 times tough, drawn from the toughest games of all time, played on 37 different games, and played for a marathon 37 week season in the year. That’s over 6,216 hours of competition game time. That’s longer than the NFL season, longer than the NBA season, and longer than any eSports competition in the world. And all of this played on the video games that defined the modern age and are the toughest to beat. Anyone on the planet could play, with no restrictions to an event like a physical location to limit the competition. This is all inclusive world match play at its best.

              The championship was played over 4 tournaments, like the grand slams of tennis, and drew gamers together from all over the planet.

              MGLXXXI was played from 10-Mar-17 to 14-May-17 and was won by Andrew Barrow from New Zealand. Max Haraske from the USA finished just 3 points behind the winner and came in 2nd place. Patrick Stanley from the USA tied with Haraske for 2nd place with 876 points, but finished in 3rd place due to his lower head to head score with Haraske of 4 to 5. Shane Sawle from Australia finished in 4th place and Daniel Larsen from Denmark finished in 5th place.

              MGLXXXII was played from 2-Jun-17 to 6-Aug-17 and was won by Daniel Larsen. Max Haraske finished 7 points behind the winner and came in 2nd place again. Andrew Barrow finished in 3rd place, Pierre Massey from France finished in 4th place and Robert Macauley, an 8 time MGL champion, finished in 5th place.

              MGLXXXIII was played from 18-Aug-17 to 11-Oct-17 and was won by Andrew Barrow for his 2nd MGL win. Daniel Larsen finished 13 points behind the winner and came in 2nd place. Terence Wong from Australia tied with Daniel Larsen with 864 points for 2nd place, but finished in 3rd place due to his lower head to head score with Larsen of 4 to 5. Max Haraske was only 2 points further behind and finished in 4th place. Andrew Theodorou from Australia finished in 5th place.

              MGLXXXIV was played from 10-Nov-17 to 21-Jan-18 and was won by Jason Vasiloff from the USA. Daniel Larsen finished 16 points behind the winner and came in 2nd place. Andrew Barrow finished in 3rd place and Jeff Mikuska from the USA finished in 4th place. Johnny Bonde from Denmark, in his MGL debut, finished in 5th place.

              Final World Championship eSports standings:

              Congratulations to all gamers that participated in WCEI, the first ever true World Championship of eSports. To also play in all 37 games for 37 weeks on these super tough games is an amazing achievement. The Top 20 deserve special mention for their outstanding effort and great achievement in the contest.

              Heading in to the final quarter which was MGLXXXIV, Max Haraske had a small lead of 7 points over Daniel Larsen in 2nd place and Andrew Barrow a further 4 points back in 3rd place. I thought perhaps Haraske was in the driver’s seat and would just pip the other 2 over the line. However Daniel Larsen played excellently in the 10 games of MGLXXXIV, as he did in the previous 27 games of the other 3 tournaments, to win, what is without doubt, the undisputed World Championship of eSports for 2017.

              The Top 5 of the World Championship of eSports for 2017 are as follows:

              1. Daniel Larsen (Denmark)
              2. Andrew Barrow (New Zealand)
              3. Max Haraske (USA)
              4. Robert Macauley (Australia)
              5. Pierre Massey (France)


              The prize money will be issued to these gamers and they are to be congratulated on their outstanding performance.

              Like the Packers winning the first ever Super Bowl in 1967, I hope WCEI is also the beginning of greater things to come in video gaming.

              Congratulations Daniel Larsen, World Champion of eSports for 2017.


              Ask your friends to play in MGLXLII. Don't procrastinate, participate ...


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                Congratulations to Daniel, what a close win!

                When you look back at the stats OOO has put up this was an amazing comp with a butt tonne of top players having a crack.

                After all the games Iíve played iím still in awe of the breadth of skill across sooooo many games some of you guys have

                OOO, wow great tournament, well played sir
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                  Well done Daniel Andrew max Rob and Pierre and everyone else it has been a pleasure playing and learning from you all and a huge thankyou ooo for making this all possible

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                    Well done to the top 5!

                    Im amazed about the consistancy of the amazing scores that people throw up each week.

                    Well done to [MENTION=9067]OOO[/MENTION] for holding another well organised tournament and series.

                    I hope for that the MGL attracts more players with more skills in the future.

                    Once again congrats all and hope to see you in the next series


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                      Thanks to all for organizing/participating. The greatest things I get are the memories of playing these games or the thrill of discovering games I didnít know about or spend time on.
                      It definitely adds an element of joy knowing you are trying to best someone elseís score that is playing in the same time frame. Thatís really what drove us to higher scores when these games were new!

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                        World Championship eSports 2017

                        Well done DaLar, a very worthy victory. Youíre definitely a much better overall gamer than I. Thereís some games I do well on but others I really just cannot play and do not like. Itís amazing how you place highly on almost every single game. Incredible stuff

                        Well done to those who managed to make it through and play everything, it certainly was a hard grind at times.

                        Game of the overall tournament for me was probably Radical Radial. Had a lot of fun working that game out and one Iím really looking forward to playing at Funspot in March!!!

                        Also massive thanks to OOO for this tournament and everything you do for the hobby. We are pretty lucky to have someone so passionate about these games and CAG as a whole. Your generosity and overall dedication is second to none. Thanks mate

                        Iím unsure when/if the next one of these is but I do hope thereís at least a bit of a break. Lately itís been more like work than fun, which I guess is fitting for a world championship, but itís hard to grind over and over on stuff you donít like, to the point where you never get time to play stuff you enjoy. Just some food for thought

                        As for me personally and my gaming - heading over to Kong Off 6 in Banning in March, and then 2 weeks later Iíve got the Galaga World Championships in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Have a lot of work to do on both games if I want to be competitive, so better start practicing pretty soon!


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                          Walter Day sent me a message on 17-Feb to honour the World Champion of eSports for 2017.

                          I designed and sponsored the card that was released at Arcade Expo 4.0 in Banning, California, last weekend.

                          This is the toughest and longest eSports Championship in the World. An amazing win by Daniel Larsen.

                          The off season will soon be over ... get your coins and furniture ready, stock pile the esky and the fridge, you are all in for one helluva ride ... bigger and better than ever ...

                          Ask your friends to play in MGLXLII. Don't procrastinate, participate ...


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