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    The MOST important rule?..This is for FUN. Remember this rule.

    Tournament Structure:

    The MAME Gaming League (MGL), will be structured as follows:

    Originally the MGL was played over 12 games, each lasting 2 weeks each for a total competition length of 24 weeks. This system has gone through many changes over the years to arrive at it's current variation (as of MGL 20 starting in January 2014) of 8 games, each lasting 16 days and in a staggered format. The current format works like this:

    Day 1 (normally a Friday night) - Game 1 begins
    Day 8 - Game 2 begins
    Day 15 - Game 3 begins
    Day 17 - (normally a Sunday night) - Game 1 is finished
    Day 22 - Game 4 begins
    Day 24 - Game 2 is finished

    This process continues until all 8 games have been allowed to run for 16 days.

    Game Selection & Nomination:

    Games are selected by various different methods. Some times it will just be a random draw, other times it will be decided by popular vote. At the start of each MGL the MAME moderator running the current competition will specify how this will work. In addition, they will also specify which games are available to be played. In general some form of nomination process is put in place where each person wishing to play nominates their chosen games. It is now standard to exclude certain games, usually ones which have been played in recent MGL tournaments or mini-tournaments. This is done so that the same games don't get played over and over for those players who regularly play.

    The nomination process will be outlined before each MGL tournament starts, however as a general rule all games must be playable on a standard arcade machine meaning 1 joystick and 3 buttons. We currently do no play certain fighters, some of which had 4, 5 or more buttons. We also do not currently allow games which ran on trackball, spinners or steering wheels as many players will not have access to these items.

    Score Submissions:

    Scores will be proven by way of an image or snapshot, and can be submitted/uploaded at ANY time during that games week in the relevant thread on Forum Mame -> Virtual Pinball and General Emulation -> The M.A.M.E Gaming League -> MGL Tournament (Tournament Number) -> (Game Name Thread). You can submit more than once, each new score should be a new message with the score as the title or first line and accompanied by a new screenshot.

    Other Things To Note:

    Honesty is the best policy. No cheating. This includes no pausing, no using of save states, cheat.dat any hacks or edits. There is no need to, this is for fun.

    REMEMBER: The only score you submit, should be the game as it is played in an arcade. ONE COIN, ONE CREDIT A GAME. NO COIN FEEDING, NO CONTINUING.

    You can use ANY build of Mame and ANY front end to run Mame. You may also use a dedicated original PCB if you are lucky enough to own one, or any of the the X-in-1 multiboards.


    Hold off making posts that advise on strategies and tips until the second week of play. This is to let recollections of past times and familiarity with the game to develop and to allow the joy of discovery and self learning for the first week. There are some great players who will usually step in a provide some advice to help us along in the second week.

    Understand that this is a work in progress and rules maybe edited and added to at anytime.

    The winner of each week will be the envy of all his/hers peers, we will worship you for a week and drool at your High Score. The Tournament winner will go down in history as the Greatest Gamer in Aussie Arcade and will therefore draw constant oohs and ahhs from the gallery and passersby?s alike. This may or may not really be a rule, and is subject to the whims of admins and moderators.


    What is the MGL?
    MGL (MAME GAMING LEAGUE), is a friendly competition created for pure enjoyment and amusement of the members of Aussie Arcade.

    How do I join?
    Submit your score.

    What if I didn't nominate games?

    No problem. You don't have to nominate games to join in, but you stand a better chance of playing your favorite game if you do nominate.

    I came in late, can I still play?

    Absolutely. You can play as many or as little of the games as you like, however those players who usually take a place (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in the competition normally do so by playing most if not all of the games.

    I'm not very good

    No problem. The MGL is all about fun, while it's nice to be a winner, the MGL is more about having a bit of fun, playing some games you may not have heard of, or bettering your skills by picking up tips & tricks from others in MGL who may be better at a game than you.

    How do I submit my score and what is it I submit?
    Score will be submitted by creating a picture, whether it is a snapshot (in MAME various builds], one can press F12 which will create a snapshot in the ?snap folder? from your MAME directory)?or taking a clear photo which shows your score.

    Are there any other rules for submitting a score?

    There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. We operate on a honesty policy. If you want to cheat, falsify scores or not play by the rules we can't stop you but do know that there are many players with a vast knowledge of these games, and if you are caught breaking the rules knowingly you may be banned from participation in further competitions. The MGL is for fun, we are not playing for sheep stations.

    2. We do not allow the use of MAME Save States. Save States can allow many games to be saved at a certain point and then reloaded, allowing a player to work out sections of a game without having to play from the beginning.

    3. No pausing while playing. Imagine you were playing back in an 1980's arcade - did Donkey Kong have a pause button next to the joystick? No, so therefore we don't allow pausing of games.

    4. No using continues for a submitted score. If the game by default allows continues, you may use them to practice as this is how the game worked in the original arcades, but to submit a score, unless otherwise stated you must play the game from the beginning using 1 credit only.

    5. Point leeching is generally not allowed. Leeching means sitting in one spot on the game and getting points for extra men while generally not advancing in the game. Games will are open to leeching will normally have a note about banned tactics before the competition starts. If you are unsure if a tactic is leeching, just post a question and other players will comment and the MAME moderators will make a ruling on the tactic.

    6. Anything else? Just post a question, or PM your friendly MAME moderator and we'll get back to you.

    How is the scoring structured for the overall league?

    The scoring system is generally run in one of a number of ways, either the Moto GP system:

    1st - 25 points
    2nd - 20 points
    3rd - 16 points
    4th - 13 points
    5th - 11 points
    6th - 10 points
    7th - 9 points
    8th - 8 points
    9th - 7 points
    10th - 6 points
    11th - 5 points
    12th - 4 points
    13th - 3 points
    14th - 2 points
    15th - 1 point
    16th or lower - 0 points

    or the % system

    Player A Scores 1,000 and has the highest score and is awarded 100%
    Player B Scores 500 and is awarded 50%
    Player C Doesn't submit a score and is awarded 0%

    or a ranking system where top score is awarded 100 points, 2nd highest gets 99 , 3rd gets 98 and so on down to the 100th score who gets 0 points.

    The scoring system changes from time to time after discussion or at the whim of the tournament organiser. There's been a fair bit of analysis comparing the different systems and overall it has been demonstrated that whatever system is used doesn't change the outcome in any significant way - the best players win.

    How do I change the game settings i.e. the DIP switches ?

    In MAME hit tab to bring up options. Select the 'DIP switches' and select the matching ones for the game being played. DIP switch settings will be posted along with the game. Don't forget, if you need to change your DIP switch settings to reset you game (normally by pressing F3) so that the new changes take effect.

    What version/ROM of [insert game name] do I use?

    Check each week for these details in the MGL thread. The name of the Mame ROm (.zip file) will be listed along with the dip switch settings.

    Where do I obtain the necessary game/rom from?

    If needed, other players will help out. You can start by PM'ing another MGL player, please don't ask for links to ROM's as they will not be posted in public.

    Understand that this is a work in progress and maybe edited and added to at anytime.
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