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Summer Yolympics 2019

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  • Summer Yolympics 2019

    Thanks to Xelnia for hosting the last two Yolympics and doing a better job than I did ROFL in any case I have returned and reggie to get the ball rolling so without further ado here is the rules and crap for summer yolo

    Quick Links
    Yolympics discord
    Tournament Site

    Game Nominations Now until April 30th
    Game Voting May 1st until May 31st
    Tournament Practice all of June
    Draft sometime in June
    Deadline to sign up prior to draft
    Tournament Start: July 1st, 11:59 PM GMT.
    Tournament End: July 29th, 11:59 PM GMT This is a hard cutoff. All submissions must be received by this time.

    2 games each from the following genres for a total of 20 games:
    Pre 95 shootemup
    Post 95 shootemup
    Golden Age
    Run n Gun
    And 1 Game from the following

    Game Nominations and Voting
    Players will nominate 1 game per genre, using this Players will then vote on the nominations to decide the final game list. The tournament organizer reserves the right to veto games.

    Banned Games
    The only banned games are from Winter Yolympics 2019

    Player Registration
    Players must register at The registration period is from now until prior to the draft in June

    No captains yet but this will be the number of teams as following
    0-59 players-2 teams
    60-79 players- 3 teams
    80-99 players- 4 teams
    100-119 players - 5 teams
    120-139 players - 6 teams
    140-159 players - 7 teams
    160-179 players - 8 teams
    180- 199 players - 9 teams
    Over 200 players each 20 adds a new team

    -External Autofire is not allowed.
    -Pausing is not allowed.
    -Mapping multiple keys to a single input is not allowed.
    -All MAME submissions must maintain an average recorded speed over 95%.
    -All submissions must include an INP or link to a stream or video. Acceptable platforms are WolfMAME 0.183, Wolfmame 0.106, or an original arcade cab. Video-only WolfMAME submissions will be required to show the startup of the WolfMAME program and the game settings. Please submit only one attempt per INP.

    The top 6 scores from each team will score points for that team.

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    [MENTION=9067]OOO[/MENTION] [MENTION=18533]Pessimeister[/MENTION] [MENTION=5678]gadzooks[/MENTION] [MENTION=703]danny_galaga[/MENTION] [MENTION=17911]RichyS[/MENTION]
    @Ragequit [MENTION=21049]Fordy[/MENTION] [MENTION=21572]Prow[/MENTION] [MENTION=17015]Fliplismc[/MENTION]
    @Wirre.The.Man [MENTION=18552]SMK[/MENTION]
    @withinterest [MENTION=820]SectionZ[/MENTION]

    [MENTION=9967]RMacauley[/MENTION] I brought back wolfmame .106 unless you have another one to suggest


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      bump noms are still going on and I added a time attack genre only 3 more weeks to send in noms


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        one more week to nom games


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