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World Championship of eSports 2019

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  • World Championship of eSports 2019

    Hi all Gamers World Wide,

    I hope you are all well, and ready to play in the World Arcade Championship of eSports for 2019. Further details are below.

    The gamer with the highest total competition score over the tournaments MGL39, MGL40, MGL41 and MGL42 will be the World Champion of eSports for 2019. This is a tough 32 weeks with 36 games season, competing world wide on the most challenging arcade video games on the planet. If there is a tie on the overall scoreboard, then a head to head game win count will be used to determine the final placings. If there is still a tie, then the accumulated game scores will determine the placings.

    In January 2020, the World Champion will win, as well as the prestigious and undisputed title of World Champion of eSports for 2019, 410 USD in cash. 2nd place will win 160 USD, 3rd place will win 120 USD, 4th place will win 115 USD, 5th place will win 110 USD, 6th place will win 105 USD and 7th place will win 100 USD.

    Additionally, in each MGL, every gamer that plays all of the games has the chance to win the mystery prize. So if there are 9 games and you play and submit for all 9, then if you are drawn from the pool of qualifiers, then you will win all of the prizes. Whether you finish in the top half or the lower half in the tournament, you still have a chance to win. Prizes will be cash and/or CAG memorabilia. For example in MGL39, there will be 4 mystery prizes.

    Point system:
    The incremental point system will be used for each game. 1st place will earn 100 points, 2nd place 99 points, 3rd place 98 points and so on. All gamers will earn competition points for their scores and the point system may be adjusted incrementally higher due to the number of submissions for that game.

    Games are nominated by the competitors and sent by PM to the Gamemaster. Games must be selected from 1976 to 1990 and no trackball or steering wheel games are to be nominated. The number of games that can be nominated by each competitor will be posted for each MGL. The games to be played in the competition will be randomly drawn from the pool of nominations. Only unique games will be in the pool, as there will be no duplications from nominations. The order of game play will be determined by the Gamemaster and each game will be released weekly for competition.

    The game settings will be posted in each MGL and gamers must ensure they compete on these settings only. No continues are allowed when submitting a score and must be played from the beginning of the game. No pausing allowed. No auto fire allowed. No cheats allowed. No stitching of inps from using save states in MAME.

    The WolfMAME version 0.106 is highly recommended, however any later version can be used. Only the version 0.106 ROM set will be posted for each game and the equivalent for other MAME versions can be used.

    Games can be played at the arcade. You must ensure the arcade operator has the game at the MGL game settings for the submission to be valid.

    Gamers are to post a screenshot/photo of their score with initials in the game thread. Games are only open for 17 days and any score submissions made after the game is closed by the Gamemaster will not be accepted. Scores at will be combined with scores from to form the world championship scoreboard.

    Professional and casual gamers can play all or just some of the games. Gamers do not need to nominate games to play, they can play any game during the tournament. Streaming games and posting/sharing tips are encouraged, as is friendly banter in the gaming community. Striving for PBs, learning and playing the best a gamer can are all highly encouraged. As all members at AA are registered, there is no additional registration process for the championships.

    Changes to the World Championship:
    Compared to last season, 6 changes have been made.
    1. 36 different games will be played this season, compared to 33 different games last season, an increase of 3 games.
    2. Each MGL will have 9 different games, compared to 8, 8, 8 and 9 respectively last season.
    3. In previous competitions, the last game in the MGL is released with 17 days to go. To improve the gamer engagement and the excitement of the competition, 2 games will now be launched with 17 days to go.
    4. Due to the change in point 3, the new season will be 32 weeks compared to 33 weeks in last season, or 1 week shorter.
    5. The prize money has been increased for all placings this season.
    6. An additional prize has been created so that 7th place will now receive 100 USD. Last season prizes were awarded from 1st to 6th place.

    Further details will be posted at the launch of each MGL. Good gaming and good luck to all competitors.

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    The World Championship Scoreboard for 2019 after the completion of MGLXXXIX and MGLXL ...



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      The World Championship Scoreboard for 2019 after the completion of MGLXXXIX, MGLXL and MGLXLI ...



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        WCEIII Presentation

        WCEIII began 9 months ago on 12 April 2019. With an increased schedule of 36 different games over a 32 week season, this was an even greater competition in the toughest eSports championship on the planet.

        The 2019 Championship was played over 4 tournaments and drew gamers into competition from 15 countries.

        MGLXXXIX was played from 12-Apr-19 to 9-Jun-19 and was won by Jason Vasiloff from Michigan. Matt Sales from Colorado played great and finished in 2nd place. bigredbird from Tasmania was only 7 points further behind and finished in a great 3rd place. Daniel Larsen from Denmark finished in 4th place, and Robert Macauley from South Australia finished in 5th place.

        MGLXL was played from 28-Jun-19 to 25-Aug-19 and was won by Jason Vasiloff for his 2nd MGL win in the series. Daren Oliver from Wiltshire, England, finished in 2nd place, just missing out on the title by 2 points, with 3 game wins. Daniel Larsen finished in 3rd place, and only 3 points behind, was Matt Sales who finished in 4th place. Robert Macauley finished in 5th place for consecutive tournaments.

        MGLXLI was played from 13-Sep-19 to 10-Nov-19 and was won by Jason Vasiloff for his incredible three peat. Matt Sales finished in 2nd place, only 9 points behind the winner. Daniel Larsen finished in 3rd place. Robert Macauley was only 4 points behind and finished in 4th place. Pessimeister from Victoria recorded his best ever MGL finish with 5th place.

        MGLXLII was played from 29-Nov-19 to 26-Jan-20 and was won by Derek Long from South Australia. He is the first Australian to win the tournament since Robert Macauley won MGL25 in 2015, that’s 5 years ago. Jason Vasiloff played excellent, only 6 points behind the winner, and finished in 2nd place. Matt Sales was only 1 point further behind and finished in a very competitive 3rd place. Daniel Larsen finished in 4th place for the 2nd time this season, and Robert Macauley finished in 5th place for the 3rd time this season.

        Final World Championship of eSports standings:

        Congratulations to all gamers that participated in WCEIII, the third “all time” World Championship of eSports. To play in all 36 games for 32 weeks on these super tough games is an amazing achievement. The Top 20 deserve special mention for their outstanding effort and great achievement in the contest.

        Several new personal bests and world records were achieved by gamers. Many of these MGL scores were submitted by gamers to Twin Galaxies for verification, and to improve their TG ESI ranking in the world standings. The competition was close by all standards of tenacity, endurance, strategy, timing and skill. However throughout the 4 tough tournaments, Jason Vasiloff played excellent in the 36 games during the season, including 11 game wins, to become the undisputed World Champion of eSports.

        The Top 7 of the World Championship of eSports for 2019 are as follows:

        1. Jason Vasiloff (USA)
        2. Matt Sales (USA)
        3. Daniel Larsen (Denmark)
        4. Robert Macauley (Australia)
        5. Jeff Mikuska (USA)
        6. Darren Mcgahey (Northern Ireland)
        7. Pessimeister (Australia)

        Prizes have been won by these gamers for their outstanding performance and gaming in this World Championship. Congratulations to you all.

        Congratulations Jason Vasiloff, World Champion of eSports for 2019.


        WCEIII end credits ...



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          Congratulations everyone. What a great competition.

          Thank you so much for organising and running this so well OOO.

          Roll on the next one!


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            This time last year, I had only played in one previous MGL, and decided I wanted to set myself a goal to play in all four quarters in the next season. It was a long grind, and quite a challenge competing on so many games against so many great players, but I'm happy to have seen it through, and of course, very pleased to have won the title.

            Congratulations to all the competitors - it's not an easy thing to grind through so many games that may be new to you (I know I only had previous scores submitted for 10 of the 36 total games), and that dedication should be celebrated. I also want to thank OOO for yet another successful MGL season - it takes a lot of work to organize and maintain even the simplest of tournaments, but even with something as large and extended as MGL, he goes above and beyond with his preparation, enthusiasm, and execution of the tournament and its updates, to say nothing of his generosity in providing the prize pool. The CAG community is lucky to have you, and we appreciate all you do...thank you Paul.

            With this goal completed, I may move on to some others on my list before coming back to MGL sometime down the road. That being said, I would highly recommend anyone that plays CAG to participate in future MGL tournaments - it's a great way to learn new games that you might not otherwise have played, and competing directly against others on the same titles over a set period of time is an excellent way to introduce a new level of challenge to your gaming. Think you're hot stuff? Play in the MGL and see how you stack up!


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              Interesting data point - I scored 12th in MGLXLI with 737pts and 17th in MGLXLII with 745pts. That's just one data point but it speaks to the greater variety of players earning points on various titles in the previous MGLXLI. This past one MGLXLII there was more "domination" by the top level of competitors and it was very interesting to see it all go down. Cheers everyone and thanks as always to OOO for being game master and all-around champion of eSports.


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                What a fantastic tournament; I really loved playing in the MGL over the 2019 period. Big heartfelt thanks to Paul for his energy and enthusiasm in the organisation and the fun clever presentation throughout. To be honest it's quite humbling to see my name up there with some incredible gamers and I didn't anticipate such a pleasing result. I can only echo the sentiments of the V91 bomber who was truly the class of the field; congratulations on a well deserved win and also to the players just below him who remain the benchmark performers for this excellent event. Well done also to the new players and those discovering the joys of such challenging games in the MGL for the first time - keep at it and above all, keep having fun!

                There were quite a few stand out moments for me from the last MGL which I'll always look back on very fondly indeed. Cheers to everyone; I look forward to more memorable and rewarding MAME sessions in 2020.


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